Nearly half of influencers, network marketers and entrepreneurs struggle with turning out new and more interesting content. Yet, on average, about 60% of those in the marketing space put out at least one piece of solid content weekly. Although that may not seem like a lot, IT IS! The competition is fierce out there! 

We know firsthand how hard it is to brainstorm more interesting content ideas, as we’ve been doing this for a couple of decades. But in that time, we’ve also learned that it can be helpful to go back to basics when creatively stuck. 

That’s why we wanted to share our little cheat sheet to help inspire your next piece of content!

The Basic Roadmap to More Interesting Content

It’s just not good enough to churn out any old posts. If people see you putting out too much half-hearted “look at me” content, your reputation will feel it, and they may not revisit you. 

Creating quality blog posts, videos, Tweets, Pins, pictures, and eBooks starts with a good idea. Here are six ways to help you get that started!

Tell a Story only YOU can tell!

Original stories are one of your most significant competitive advantages. A unique story, insight, or perspective can quickly become an interesting piece of content. But where do you find those stories? We find that EVERYWHERE! Look at things like white papers, research, or customer surveys. Have a look into your day-to-day life, experiences and situations. These stories are everywhere! 

Solve a Problem

If you want to truly be of service to people and influence them, solving their problems is probably the best way to do it. Oh, and solving a problem can mean many things: giving them the info they need to make a decision, providing a tool to improve their lives, etc. 

Content marketing is great because you can create many types of content to do this. So how can you bring more interesting content to the marketplace while solving your audiences’ needs?

network marketing story

Create a Short Tutorial or How-To Video

Similar to solving problems, empowering people with the skills or knowledge they need to do something is incredibly valuable. Whether it’s a product tutorial, DIY project, or explainer video, there are plenty of helpful stories to tell through this medium. Visual content is beneficial here, allowing people to “see” the process. What process can you take people through?

Include Empathy in your Content

Even beyond the importance of relevance, you want people to be able to connect with your content as if you were their friend or look to you as an expert. You want it to speak to them so precisely that you make them think, “Wow, you get me.” 

Empathetic content is a great way to achieve this. Relatability, vulnerability and transparency go a long way here. What needs can you be more empathetic to?

Share Meaningful Stories

Content marketing is not fluff; it can be an empowering, influencing and inspiring tool. Why? Because great stories impact you, expand your mind, and shift your perspective, right? Consider ways your product or service is changing or seeking to change the world or people’s lives. 

How can you turn that into an impactful story? This is one of the BEST ways to create more interesting content for your business. 

Spin an Old Piece of Content

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with innovative ideas every single time you want to post. Sometimes it can be powerful to take a new approach to an older subject. This not only intrigues people but shows off your unique perspective. Additionally, it helps breathe new life into topics you’ve touched on previously. 


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We Believe in You ♥️

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