Here’s some truth. We may fall into what is referred to as old school marketers. When we entered the profession a whole lot of years ago we were building offline. You know, hotel meetings,  home parties, etc. And, not that there is anything wrong with that but it was absolutely time consuming. So, we ventured into the world of online and social media. Facebook came pretty naturally but we weren’t sold on Instagram. Until, we started learning a few major nuggets. Today’s post will cover 5 of our favorite Instagram tricks for network marketers.

We do our best to combine the best of both worlds now; old school meets new school.

5 Instagram Tricks for Network Marketers

Instagram Trick #1 – Using @mentions


Always remember above all else we are in the relationship business. This feature is especially important when you are using Instagram Stories (< Great blog here on that). For example, let’s assume a customer of yours just purchased a product or service from you … Shout them out! You don’t need to include what you sold them but share something like ‘Huge Love for @monica today!’.

Or, Customers like @monica make the world go round! Something simple but this type of recognition is great. And, this way your story viewers can click on her name and even give her a follow. You can use this feature with team members or even on a larger scale, tag those big brands you may have purchased from or a leader, author and so on that you love. Like Facebook, Instagram is a social platform – this type of activity is welcomed.

Instagram Trick #2 – Repurposing Newsfeed Content


The second of our Instagram tricks relate to stories again, but a little differently. Let’s say you have posted a dynamite post on the newsfeed – something you know is of great value. Consider sharing this same image in your stories. Jazz it up a little; using emojis or arrows, even a GIF if you are feeling adventurous! And, don’t forget the ‘call to action’! This might be something simple like, have you seen my new IG post?!

This, will help generate attention to your newsfeed and, encourage people to scroll more of your feed now or in future. This is especially beneficial when you are tagging a location. Why? Because when you use the location tag, this will help show your story (or image) to anyone searching that geographic area. This, is a great way to gain new followers on your newsfeed instead of just story watchers.

Instagram Trick #3 – Adding the Question Feature to Stories


Can you tell me love Instagram stories? It’s true for a couple reasons; we love it and it generates new leads/prospects daily! So, next on the list of Instagram tricks are questions. You can use these in your description on your newsfeed as well, however in the stories it’s super interactive.

Ask your audience something general like ‘what is stopping you from connecting with new people‘ or, ‘what is a must have skin care product for you?’. Again, keep these general and open ended enough. More and more users are responding to these – and in a lot of cases they are people you would least expect! Through their response, is a great way to open up a conversation or dialogue with them since the answers go directly to your Direct Message inbox.

Instagram Trick #4 – Using IG Live!


Using Instagram Live is very similar to Facebook Live. When you go live, followers are notified and can hop on like they would any other live platform. Using this feature is another great way of engaging with your followers and generating new ones. The primary difference in these Live broadcasts however, is they are only available for 24 hours.

This, can actually be great because you are able to repurpose the same content more often because chances are you will have new followers who never saw it in the first place! Live video is among one of the top income producing activities for network marketers – and Instagram has you covered!

Instagram Trick #5 – Using the Link in your Bio 


The last of our Instagram tricks is probably for the more experienced user (or network marketer). As we know in the bio, you can add a website right? Now, obviously we don’t encourage you to send people to your company site because it’s just rarely effective. Alternatively, you may have a webpage they can go to, even your Facebook page if you wanted. This link is also GREAT if you have a free download people can request too.

Whether it be in your stories or newsfeed – always encourage people to check out the link in your bio!

Final Instagram Tricks and Tips!

Nike had the right idea when they said, JUST DO IT! Network marketing is a brilliant profession but requires commitment and consistency. Regardless of the platform you want to dive in on – just dive. You will figure it out along the way. Additionally, use us! Use the resources and allow us to shorten your learning curve!

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