If you are a business, brand, entrepreneur or network marketer — you should be using Facebook stories to showcase your sales. See, Facebook was a little late to the game in the story world but they have grown leaps and bounds.

More and more people are watching this part of the platform and yet, so many business owners have stayed away. Our suggestion to you — use Facebook stories! And, remember they don’t need to be used solely for business; let your customers see the inside scoop of who you are.

Now, we don’t want to spend too much time on today on the strategies you can use overall (we have a great blog on that already!) but we do want to focus on using them to showcase your sales.

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Tips for Using Facebook Stories to Showcase your Sales

Typically, we have a general idea of when sales will occur in our businesses, right? We may not always know all the details of them in the rolling out phases but this doesn’t mean we can’t start creating some content. Ways to curate content to be ready is collecting images or taking your own. For example;

  1. Collect product images
  2. Cultivate before and afters (people, things, etc.)
  3. Create short tips about an upcoming course you’re launching
  4. Have a a few selfies on hand

Get creative here. Because Facebook stories are done via mobile, consider creating a folder or album on your phone where you can grab when needed. Any type of content bank is a good idea and especially helpful for stories on the fly.

Now, think about the sales your company/business is promoting. This is especially relevant for those of you who work with products. Before and After pictures are ALWAYS a good idea. Being able to demonstrate the results are great for buyer awareness and creating that need.

And, let’s be honest — people LOVE a sale.

Focus on your wording …

When you are preparing for a sale focus on the emotional buzz words you can use that your customers relate to. Put yourself in the consumers shoes … why do they NEED this product. Then, the following short sentence or tag line should include words like ‘sale, limited time, while quantities last, savings, etc.’

Choose words that fit the sale and surround those posts with those powerful images, testimonies, demos, etc. The last thing you want to do is bombard your entire story with sale posts but you want to strategically drop them in every few stories (3-4). This will keep the viewer clicking through instead of exiting for fear of feeling sold.

Learning how to showcase your sales using Facebook stories may take a few tries. And, as you learn more from your customers about what they like and don’t like based on their behaviors they will only get better and better.

Rinse and Repeat.

Remember, Facebook stories only have a life span of 24 hours before they expire. Meaning, take the time to check out your analytics (views, messages, reactions) and reuse them the following day or as long as your sale lasts. We of course encourage you to inject some new stories in there as well and since you’re creating that content bank you should have tons of ideas!

Are you using Facebook stories to showcase your sales? What do you find is working best or, what are the things you won’t ever do again (we’ve all had those!) Let us know in the comments below or, reach out!


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Facebook stories showcase your sales

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