5 years ago, we were so tired of everyone else getting ‘their shot‘. It feel like no matter what we did we were missing ours. And, if you can relate you know this can be so daunting when you put everything you have (and know) into something. You see, our system if you could call it that was flawed. And if we’re being real with you it took some ego squishing to accept that.

What it took was a few things;

  1. losing the ego or pride – whatever you want to call it
  2. learning from the very people who were making it happen
  3. staying connected to those who were where we, wanted to be

Was this an easy transition? Of course not! But was it worth every moment – absolutely. We wanted our turn bad enough. What we knew was we weren’t afraid of hard work, right? After all, we had been working hard on that hamster wheel for far too long. But, why was this time going to be different?

The System Itself ins’t Complicated

Hear us out.

The word system in network marketing almost sounded too high-tech and trust us when we tell you we are not those people. Gosh, we were so used to building a business without the use of technology so you can imagine what that transition felt like.

It’s almost funny now when we look back that we grew up in a time that internet wasn’t a thing – and when it was introduced it was that lovely dial up sound. Remember that? Or, when you had to make sure no one was on the phone line so you could actually get ‘online’.

Then, came mobile phones (the non-smart ones). Come on, you must remember those big chunky flip phones that made you feel like a boss! So, when we tell you we’re not tech people this is where we’re coming from. So, how on earth were we going to tap into a system that was tech based.

Well, we just needed to plug in. Why? Because the system already existed. It didn’t need us to change, modify or recreate it – all the system needed was our belief that it worked. And, that the people working the system as intended were seeing results.

That, was the difference.

Our mission on this earth is to give you what really matters to win in network marketing and as a default, life.   We’re not here to breathe for you – we’re here to breathe life into you. Why? Because bringing more moms and dads home – matters. We are so fortunate to be stay at home parents with our littles and we know that there are others who want the same.

And you see, we knew this before it happened for us.

It goes back to that belief.

Now, the last thing we wanted was for this post to turn into the Sarah & Tony show. In fact, what we wanted was to stress the importance of having a system in your network marketing business. Now, many of our mastermind clients come from all different businesses. Many of which are part of our Free community on Facebook called Fenix Risers. And what we love, is what we teach or coach on is applicable to anyone who is ready for their turn.

Its execution is boundless.

vintage system in network marketing

Our Top 4 Places you can ‘work the system’

Before we share the top 4 places please know that you do not need to be working all of them. It’s important, in our opinion to master one and move onto the next. Why? Because that first platform or system you’ve become incredibly skilled at, will start to work on its own. This, will give you the time freedom we all desire to take on another.

#1 Facebook

There is no question in our minds that Facebook is a platform suited for everyone, in any business. We are fortunate that with our respective business that almost in its entirety is built on this platform. There are group systems and chat systems that foster incredible growth in businesses everyday.

However, these few actionable steps that you can take work everywhere.

Action Step: Reach out to at least 10 new people a day. If you can target the ones online at that moment – even better. Be genuine when you reach out – authenticity always wins. Open up the conversation, stay as open ended as you can and focus on them instead of a sale. Follow the system.

#2 Instagram

We have more recently fallen in love with this platform. Especially, the Instagram Stories features. Stats tell us this is a millennial type platform and the beauty in that is millennial love our industry, right?

Action Step: Spend some time on your explore page looking at hashtags that are relevant to your potential prospect. Spend 15 minutes a day engaging on others content. This doesn’t mean slapping a heart on everything in your newsfeed – it means comment. Why does this matter? Because most people never comment. You want to stand out.

Now, ideally you have an active feed yourself. Plan out your content – 2-3 images a day is ideal and use those relevant hashtags. Follow the system.

#3 LinkedIn

Ah the professionals platform right? So guess what? The average LinkedIn user spends 30 minutes a day on this platform. Crazy right? What this should tell you is that you wouldn’t need to spend more more than that.

Action Step: Create posts or articles of value. Show people why you are an expert at what you do. Stay in your niche but focus on your strengths. Magnify them. Excellent organizer? Great share that! Incredible connector? Perfect, share that! Whatever value you bring to professionals take 30 minutes a week to craft out a solid post that you can share. And, like any platform engage with others. Find pages of interest or people you are connected to within the 6 degrees of separation – reach out. See what they’re up to. Follow the system.

#4 Community

Plug in. Find communities that will help you better your skills. And, maybe learn some new ones along the way. What we find in our Facebook Group is that most people experience the same difficulties in their business. Whether it be prospecting, recruiting, conversations, follow up, etc. You are never alone.

Action Step: Visit our community > Fenix Risers < and see if we’re a good fit for you. Whether it be tuning into our exclusive Live videos, sharing our resources with you, or simply offering you some expertise through experiences – you have it.

Overall, we hope this post was helpful and above all else demonstrated that working your business without a system is crazy. Just don’t overthink it – let it work for you. Your only responsibility is to follow it. Trust it.


If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Facebook Group — Fenix Risers — This is a place for network marketers who want to learn how to use social media the right way to grow their business!

Additionally, we have a webinar happening right now that you should check out if you need ideas for social media posts, how to post, what to post, where to post and so on!

Or in the mean time, learn a little bit more about who we are and why, we believe in ‘Breathing Life into People‘.

Choose to Shine,

system in network marketing

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