Following the habits of successful entrepreneurs has been something we have mirrored for decades. This is not different when it comes to following successful content creators as well.

Especially, since 91% (2020) of business to business pros have a strong content marketing presence in their online strategies. When we look at those who set the trends in the marketing world — these are great numbers to consider.

And so, we know that creating new content regularly can be tough for a lot of people.

At one time, we felt the exact same way but knew the importance. This meant, we needed to find a way to make it work for us and for our audience. You know, we are all about creating new and effective habits and content creating is no different!

4 Habits of Successful Content Creators

The following habits are ones that we have watched fellow entrepreneurs, digital agency professionals and full time creators practice regularly. We found that when we started using some of their techniques — content creation became much more seamless which allowed us, to stay consistent.

Curate Other Creators’ Content

Needless to say there is an abundance of existing content online, right? Well the good news is it is totally appropriate to curate content when you have something valuable to add.

Meaning, don’t just share an article or video of another person without being able to position yourself as an authority with it as well. One great way is to add a solid piece of your commentary about an article you want to share. This allows a solid piece of content to be shared AND allows you to add your expertise into the mix too!

Network Regularly and Effectively

We all spend considerable time on social networks, right? Then, let’s get social!

One of the most prominent habits of successful content creators is their ability to network. Whether they are connecting with others in their niche or researching a variety of opinions, checking out what thought leaders are saying or following the influencers — recognize that they are in the know.

Now, keep in mind this should be a separate habit outside of your intentional networking with prospects. This networking may lead to collaborations, referrals or a great bank of trendy content.

Offer Solutions

Do you want your audience to remember your content? Don’t just repeat the things you know — explain why they’re important. Furthermore, consider what your audience can take away from it.

The people consuming your content aren’t interested in just hearing you talk (sorry!). They come looking to fulfill a need.

Whether those needs are to solve a problem to simply improve their productivity, it’s your job to put your observations into context so that they can understand the take away lessons from it.

Stay up to date on Trending Topics in your Niche

The last of the 4 habits of successful content creators is consuming content relevant to audiences.

Creating great content that really resonates with your target audience requires you to know what’s going on in your industry. And, they aren’t just browsing — they are looking online for both industry news, and trends.

This sets them up perfectly to understand what shapes their target audience’s mindset in the present time. Additionally, this is ideal to stay proactive in your niche instead of reactive.

Just know that being a successful content creator starts with the habits you start to form, because they’ll set you up to produce some seriously valuable content for your audience.


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