Let’s talk about you and your personal brand on LinkedIn. Although there are a TON of little tweaks you can make to have you profile stand out (to the right people), these 5 tips on growing a quality LinkedIn audience will at the VERY least get you to an ‘all-star’ rating (which is where you want to be) See, LinkedIn has a grading system which is actually quite accurate — and helpful.

Take a look at where your profile is at now, and see what suggestions they make to improve, if any. Your personal brand on LinkedIn is often overlooked. We hear things like;

  1. my audience isn’t there
  2. it’s too hard to make connections on that platform
  3. I don’t know what to share there

… and so on. What’s important to remember if we can share anything about the platform is this; most professionals use LinkedIn over any other platform. People spend on average 30 minutes to an hour a month on there creating content however, consuming content is much higher. What’s a nice edge about it as well is it ranks really well in search engines like Google. Meaning, spend that 30 minutes to 1 hour a month crafting some quality content and let the online world go to work for you.

Tips for Growing a Quality LinkedIn Audience

Craft a strategic headline.

Avoid using generic titles, and/or buzzwords. Be specific with who you are, and what you do. Keywords matter!! This is a great place to use them. LinkedIn is your place to be clear and concise, avoid using cryptic titles. 

Ask for LinkedIn recommendations.

The same way you would ask for a client testimonial for example. Reach out to those you’ve done business with, people close to you. Recommendations are a great way to show others (prospects) what problem of theirs you can solve. 

Manage your Featured Skills and Endorsements.

Have a look at the list – are your top five SKILLS among the top? They want to be. So sure, it’s great when people endorse you for all sorts of things, but you want to make sure what you are ‘in the business of’ appears at the top of that list. 

Use photos and videos.

Preferably, your own. If you are using any other images – PLEASE ensure they are Stock Images. This does a couple things 1) protects you form copyright violations and 2) are almost always high definition images. (I have a great list of Stock Image sites I use) 

Blog with LinkedIn publisher.

This platform is seeing increasing numbers in traffic and attention. Make the time, or outsource it (shameless plug) but seriously, this is an area gaining a TON of traction and leads for a multitude of businesses.

Are you using LinkedIn? How can we serve you better on this platform?


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growing a quality Linkedin audience
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