Today, we would like to take you back a little bit. We want to introduce you to a few pieces of our story, for a few reasons.

First reason is because we almost feel sorry for the people who gave up on us in the beginning.

Second reason is because you can turn your mess into a message (and we’ll tell you how).

And third reason is as we shared our story more and more, you realize the people you can inspire with your story.

Even that story you think might be irrelevant, meaningless or flat our boring WILL surprise you.

Where my Story Began …

[Sarah here] Now I won’t bore you with all the details of my growing up (although YES it is part of my story)! But today I want to focus more around the time when I was introduced to Network Marketing. I was 21 years old, and working as a nanny. If you’ve heard me speak live, or share during an interview – basically, I was a glorified babysitter.

And, it was fine for what it was, right? After all, it paid the necessary bills and let me enjoy myself from time to time.

I was that person who really had no business being in business.

I might sound familiar to you; That person who landed on a ‘list’ and cancelled time and time again. Truth is I had no real idea what it even was and as a result had zero interest. In hindsight even knowing what it was may not have changed my mind.

Why? Because I wasn’t ready to receive it. It, being the opportunity.

Finally, I attended a meeting that  I was invited to for the umpteenth time (laughs and …  I was surrounded by people I didn’t know but what I did know is that these people were excited – and it made me excited. And the thing about that person getting me to an event, they knew the conversations I would get to have. The people I spoke to were excited about life.

This was something missing from my own.

Listening to their Huge Visions had me Hooked

And here’s the deal ..

This person who got me to my first meeting was the same person I cancelled on repeatedly. But guess what? They were never upset with me or angry – never made me feel like I let them down. They loved on me instead. Reminded me that when I was ready, they would be there.

Imagine, how many people have you been let down by because they didn’t show up to a meeting, a webinar or a phone call? How did you react? Or, did you just let them slip away completely. Not to toot my own horn but, imagine you let a Sarah or Tony Zolecki just slip away …

Now, perhaps you are now wondering what this has to do with how network marketers earn an income from sharing their story – Great question!

What it has to do with is this, I wish I could tell you how many people this story has inspired. Inspired them to;

  • take consistent action in their business
  • learn to not take it personally when someone doesn’t show up
  • improve their follow up strategies
  • love on people no matter what

.. and more.

You Never Know who your Story will Inspire

When people hear ‘share your story‘, it’s as though their minds race to this need for something magical. However, sometimes what seem like the smallest details are the ones people relate most to. People relate to my story because chances are they either know that person or were that person.

So you see? Something so simple starts to make so much sense.

We want to give you a few great tips on how you can start to craft your story (or stories) for sharing. And, sharing them through social media is also super powerful. Whether you are sharing on a live video or through a Facebook post – both work.


‘Z’ Tips on how to Craft your Story


Z Tip #1 – Own your Story

You are the only amazing human ever born to this earth who has your unique perspective and life experiences. You know all the details and, you were there – share them. Own who you are, where you’ve been, where you are now and where you are going.

Z Tip #2 – Be Specific

.. here’s why. When you can craft your story to share intimate details, you help bring that emotion out of the reader or listener. Details that you include  are what take them to that spot. The more you can make others feel part of your story … the more powerful it is.

Z Tip #3 – Search your Memories

Have a look through your old albums, journals, Facebook memories, etc. Find things that bring you back to that moment that you once captured. Find pieces that others would relate to and feel. Share stories of times you found yourself doing something silly, or a faux pas – where is the teachable moment?

Z Tip #4 – Be Vulnerable

When you share your story, allow yourself to feel. You see, when we are vulnerable our authenticity shines through to the max! People can pick up on that slight fear, embarrassment or emotion – let them. Sharing your story isn’t about a pity party, it’s about inspiring and instilling belief. Your story is about breathing life into others.

Z Tip #5 – Write the way you Speak

If you are communicating your story through a Facebook post, blog site, or other written medium – write how you speak. This will keep your message so much simpler, easier to understand, and genuine. People often feel that being a great writer means optional grammar and spelling. Thank goodness that isn’t true all the time! When we are in the relationship business – sharing your story is far more than the technicalities – in fact, emotion trumps all.

Bottomline, everyone has a story to tell. And the more you tell it, the more people you will inspire. The more people you inspire, the bigger your business will grow. And that, is how network marketers earn an income by sharing their story.


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Spark your Influence!

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