These four phases of business we are going to share with you today, are probably a little different than ones you have heard before. Meaning, these phases are more so about looking inwards and how that will reflect on the outside. And, through your business.

Because sure, there are many perspectives or opinions on the phases of business so we don’t want those confused. You may be more familiar with ones these four phases of business;

  1. Formulation Phases
  2. Concentration Phases
  3. Momentum
  4. Stability

.. and guess what? Each of those four are important, without question. Therefore, we think you will understand where our four phases come into play.

The Four Phases of Business that Shaped us

Are you familiar with the phrase ‘fake it till you make it?‘. Well, when Tony joined his first network marketing company — this was him (per Tony of course!) And, although this phrase can take on a life of its own, in this case it was simple, he didn’t want to do the work.

The Faker Phase 

Truth is, he just hoped he would get lucky and everything would work itself. Now you might be saying this sounds a lot like being lazy and that is definitely part of it, but it was bigger than that. Admittedly, it may have come with some bravado or the want for lavish things without the hard work it was going to take.

As an observer, they may have also witnessed this as a sense of entitlement even.

Where for me, my reality of faking it was I was lying to myself. It was as though I was doing my best to convince myself I was doing the work. I was focused and making it happen — where, no I wasn’t. It was a false reality, an illusion.

How did we get out of this first of the four phases of business? We received some tough love. And, although we may not have realized how fortunate we were to receive this at the time, we sure were. Sometimes, tough love is necessary — someone to call you out and say ‘Sarah, if you want this you are going to have to put in the work, so are you in?‘.

Sometimes that someone, is you.

The Taker Phase

We all know people who have been in this phase. Hey, it may have even been you. Honestly, the intentions may be in the right place — but gosh it can be a lot. A lot of time wasting or monopolizing, not respectful of others time, showing up and taking it all. You are smiling I would bet, you know these ones.

The Taker. We can probably picture these people in our lives let alone just in business. The takers are people who just expect things to be done for them, and in turn they take the credit somewhere along the way. This is a phase of business where placing blame becomes almost inevitable when we don’t take ownership of the activity or actions.

It is much easier to take, take and take but when something goes wrong or an end goal isn’t met, blaming someone else is the go to. These are often the people we don’t want to be around, right?

The ‘what’s in it for me place‘.

Please heed my own experienced, rude awakening — and get out of this phase! Provide value, love on others, or as Tony and I like to say, breathe life into other people.

The Fighter Phase

Unfortunately, I think we all find our way into this third of four phases of business. It’s the one that revolves around drama. Whether it be about other companies or people, our own team or someone’s customer — it happens. Even outside of the business world chances are we all know people who love drama. It is as thought they can’t function without it. They thrive on it.

This phase, we promise — will hurt your business. And more often than not, you won’t even see it coming. Why? Because you become so consumed with the drama and negativity, you miss it.

This fighter phase also encompasses those people that feel they are surrounded by haters. Or, convinced that people are out to sabotage their business. Stop this! Sure, you will always have people that don’t want what’s best for you — but not everyone is out to get you.When you put out positivity, that is what will find you. Be mindful of what you are putting out there.

Alternatively, consume yourself with drama and there is plenty more where that came from!

Fight for the Right Reasons in your Business

This is where you are fighting through to hit that next rank advancement in your company. Or perhaps you are fighting through some lifestyle changes for your health and the battle is worth it. Or those goals you are fighting to reach and surpass expectations — those are good fights.

The drama ones, no. Steer clear, and it’s a tough decision to make but what we believe is an important one is this …

Steer clear of those who like drama. Because, nothing good ever comes from that. Eventually, it is probable you will be brought into it or even loosely involved. You deserve better than that.

The Giver Phase

This is our favorite of the four phases of business and where we spend most of, if not all of our time. It is in this phase that you omit this caring, loving, genuine, pouring into others vibe or energy. It is in this phase that you feel the most fulfilled and authentically happy within yourself.

This giving phase is where others are drawn to you — they want to be around you. It is here, where success is inevitable and to some degree, destined. Because it is in this phase of business that your productivity is higher, your morale and confidence are increased and your willingness to help and support others is without question.

This is the phase where it has practically nothing to do with you but instead, everyone else.

It is here that the legacy building truly begins.

Some people ask how will they know when they are in this phase, and the answer in the simplest way is, when you are there you will know. It is here that your heart is anchored, your vision is so big and yet feels so tangible.

And, it is okay to ‘check yourself’ here.

Ask yourself, what is my motive here? Is my heart in the right place? 

In the event that your focus is not on the greater good, refocus that energy because let’s remember that your team culture, behaviors, or activities are direct reflections of you.

We’d encourage you to take inventory of your life, your decisions both in and out of business.

How Fast can you get to Giving?


Let us know in the comments which of the four phases of business you currently find yourself in!

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Choose to Shine,

Phases of Business

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