Let’s be really honest here … marketing, and more specifically social media marketing isn’t going anywhere. One might even say that if you’re not on social media with your business — it’s a disservice.

As many of our regular readers know, we only stepped into the social media world with intention, over the last few years. We had always been strong business builders offline and the online world almost felt … scary. However, we found a coach who was making it happen and soaked it all in.

Now having said that, marketing is always evolving, right? So in our opinion it’s important to know what’s trending and, consider ways you may be able to implement them into your business.

In this post, we’re going to share with you a couple of our key thoughts on social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Trends for Entrepreneurs

72% of small business owners said they rely on social media to grow their business. This is more than;

  1. email marketing
  2. display ads
  3. direct mail
  4. public relations


Now, we’re not by any means suggesting that the above mentioned marketing strategies don’t work. Actually, imagine the power you could harness using a combination of them with social media. Learning how to actively use the right platforms for your business is crucial.

Please make it a priority to close out this year and moving into the following.

Marketing with Purpose

Stats show greater growth in businesses that have a clearly defined purpose that goes beyond profit. Social media allows a cause or purpose to be shared across a wide audience. In return, the cause provides great content and a consistent theme for content.

Be intentional with your marketing efforts.

Real Time Social Marketing

Think about events coming up that will;

  1. be trending
  2. align with your brand

Start planning your marketing strategies around these events. Keep in mind, these can also include local events to you as well. Additionally, with holidays happening every few months of the year — get ahead of your competition. Prepare your content, visuals, etc. that will move seamlessly into these occasions.

This style of marketing can also include sporting, music or culinary events to name a few. Use relevant hashtags, put together creative posts or videos, and quite frankly think outside the box. Real time marketing is powerful but is also short lived. So, having a good bank to draw from is a great time saver and will allow you to move quickly.

What events do you have coming up that you could maximize your reach and monetize your business with?

Host an AMA Series

The AMA, or Ask Me Anything, series has become popular on Reddit (but not limited to). It offers entrepreneurs and business owners an awesome opportunity to truly engage and educate their followers/audience. 

AMAs consist of questions from the audience that the expert answers. This is a great way to see what they care about. Additionally, it also gives you an opportunity to share your industry knowledge.

Remember, you don’t have to host your AMA on Reddit. In fact, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all great channels for fielding questions.

Have you hosted one before?

What social media marketing efforts are you consistently taking action on every single day?


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