We are going to assume that you have heard a lot of talk about branding. How important it is to build your personal brand. And hey, that’s great! But what we have found is that most people don’t really know what that means. Especially, in the realm of Network Marketing. So, what you may know about us is that we were always offline professionals.

Call it hotel or home meetings, networking, events, etc. That, was us. So, when social media started to become ‘a thing’, we knew we had to take a look. There was no question when we started to see those around us absolutely crushing it. And, we made the decision to get to work. We needed to know how to do it, and how to do it from the right people.

Our Personal Brand on Social Media

It’s funny because we always referred to ourselves in some respect as old school marketers – gone new school. Because wow, the reach you have on social media is absolutely incredible. Surreal almost. But, it came with some hiccups for sure.

There were technology things we didn’t know a thing about …

Zoom calls and Slack Apps …

We were lost and in some cases felt like we were drowning. And so, we hired someone to help us. We knew, that this investment would help us 10X what we put out. And it has … So with this post, we want to give you some solid tips that you can take and go make happen.

Because action is everything.

You see, building your personal brand is instrumental in those you are going to attract to your business. It is necessary that you are true and authentic to who you are, because that allows others to relate. Think about it … if you were displaying things only related to your company — no one gets to know you. And, as the saying goes, people do business and/or buy from people they know, like a trust.

This is why we always share about our days, our family, our ups and down, our trips, our experiences — who WE are. So let’s dive into a few things you can do, to build and explode your brand.

The Z’s Top 4 Tips to Explode your Personal Brand

Tip Number One – Lead by your Example

Social media is this massive giant, right? And, what we know is that everyone from potential employers or business partners are checking you out even before you know who they are. So what are you displaying to others? Decide what your goal is with social media. Ask yourself these questions;

  1. Who are you trying to attract?
  2. What does your first impression say to others?
  3. Would you want to do business with you?
  4. Do you feel sold when you look at your page?
  5. Does your profile say anything about you?

Think of the person you look up to on social media. What are they doing that you like the most? And, do that. Obviously you want to put your personality spin on it, but look at those around you with a strong personal brand. Aspire to that — set out a plan and work it.

What this tells your audience is that you are setting the bar – the example.

And, when you are relatable it shows them that they can do it too!

Tip Number Two – Be Relatable, Be Likeable

Take some time and figure out who you are. Sounds a bit loaded doesn’t it? And, that’s OK. Create your own avatar. Recently we had a post about your customer avatar, but in this case do one for yourself. Identify who you are as a person, first. Things you might write down (and yes, write them down!) are;

  • mother, father, parent, grandparent, sister, brother, etc.
  • hobbies
  • physical activity — gym, cross fit, yoga, etc.
  • avid reader or writer
  • employed, unemployed, self employed
  • joker
  • introvert or extrovert
  • social or socially awkward

… and really the list can go on and on. But, here’s what this list says 1) who you are and 2) qualities of those who will find you relatable. These things are key in developing your personal brand, demonstrating who you are likely to have some of the best relationships with, and who you will attract overall.

Do yourself a favor, make this list.

Tip Number Three – Be Real and Authentic

This is among one of the main things when it comes to your personal brand. Your brand needs to represent you, period. And, if you aren’t flashy cars and exotic vacations – stop flashing things that aren’t happening for you. Don’t worry, you will get there! But in the mean time be authentically you.

This, can also be time to suggest being vulnerable. It is totally OK, if not encouraged to share the bad times too. Now, there is a right and wrong way of doing that of course. But, down times with teachable lessons are so powerful. People know when you are being genuine and that’s what they connect to.

Be the best version of yourself.

Because listen, if your personal brand is built around someone else’s story … it will fail. However, when you share transparently with your audience and communities — this defines your character. In doing so, you are not only relatable as we mentioned above but it also shows people that it’s OK to themselves.

So many people get involved with network marketing for the social piece. Show those same people that this is an industry you can totally be yourself. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Tip Number Four – Audit Yourself

Now, this one is a little similar to the first tip but not any less important. 3 things we want you to look at and evaluate;

  1. Your personal profile
  2. Your timeline
  3. Facebook Groups you are part of

With these 3 things combined, what does your personal brand look like? When it comes to your profile, make sure you have filled out all the necessary sections, bio, quotes, links, name, etc. And, when it comes to your timeline …

Remember the saying you are who you spend the most time around? What does your timeline say to you? Are these people that are feeding you with good vibes and energy? Or do you find yourself scrolling past the same old people with the same old junk. If you are not ready to unfriend them, just unfollow them. Your timeline should be filled with things that are going to improve you, motivate you, encourage you and so on.

Lastly, Facebook Groups. These are huge tools for building a network marketing business and, establishing your personal brand. But ever find when you click on groups that you are part of dozens, even hundreds? These, won’t serve you. In fact, they are much more of a distraction than anything.

Set aside the time to start removing from groups you do not engage productively in. As a result, the groups where you can start to build relationships in, will show more on your timeline and help you stay organize with where you are delivering value and making meaningful connections.

Overall, we hope this was super helpful in starting off on the right foot or enhancing what you already to and leading you to exploding your personal brand!


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Choose to Shine,

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