In today’s world of social media and entrepreneurship, there’s a perception that if you grows fast (or looks like growing fast) it means everything is going right. Continuous growth is the ultimate goal for all businesses, right?

But even if businesses appear to be successful there’s no true recipe for it. Unless of course, you are following a proven business model and/or system. Entrepreneurs are always looking for growth (or should be) regardless of the stages of success they are at.

Int today’s post, and included video, we share with you a few things that could be hindering you from seeing growth in your business. The goal, is to help you identify these blocks and use the right tools and resources to push through them.

Few Things that could be Hindering your Growth

The success of a business doesn’t always depend on the quality of its products or services. Many entrepreneurs have had great ideas they couldn’t make happen for a variety of reasons. May have included;

  • marketing
  • finances
  • resources
  • staffing

Understanding some of the more common reasons entrepreneurs don’t see huge growth can help you reduce your risks for failure and increase your chances of success.

Belief, or lack thereof. This is sometimes a tougher one to swallow, right? Because the only person we can really blame for this is ourselves. And listen, we all have those negative voices in our heads at one point or another. And so, a big part of this journey is conditioning your mind to understand that you were born with something special.

You posses influence inside of you that can change someone’s life.

Always be mindful that what you see on social media especially, isn’t ever the whole picture. We all have amazing gifts that we can use every single day. The more you start to really digest that, you will start to see your gifts grow like crazy which will translate to inevitable growth in your business.

The second thing we want to touch upon that could be hindering your growth is a previous experience that was not a favorable one. Perhaps it was a poor experience with a leader or someone you worked with. There’s no simple way to say this other than, you’ve got to let that go.

Yes, these circumstances can be awful – and we carry them with us over time. However, the most liberating feeling one can experience is letting those negative ones go. That experience is not you — you do not ever need to repeat what happened to you and instead, learn from it.

The lesson is you learned somewhere in there was that …

Those poor experiences don’t define you.

They don’t define what you will bring (to) and share with others. Instead, they will cause you to be a stronger leader, entrepreneur and business person instead.

Some ways to help void yourself of these negative experiences are;

  1. Journaling
  2. Debriefing with someone neutral
  3. Eliminating other toxins from your circle/environment
  4. Personal development

Next let’s talk about the ‘I tried this before‘ mentality

So, you tried a business before an it didn’t work. We have heard this countless times in our 20+ years in the profession. And guess what? We’ve tried a ton of things before we saw 7-figure success. So, we want to share with you a few things here, that you’ve probably tried before that didn’t work — but you didn’t let it hold you back from trying again;

  • Riding a bike, swimming, sports, dancing, etc.
  • Dating
  • Cooking
  • Technology

… and so on. These are all things that someone tries at some point in their life and it doesn’t work out the first (second, or third) time. But, we know that overall the activity works – so we try again. The same concept applies in entrepreneurship – in fact, most entrepreneurs will tell you that their first businesses saw minimal growth — if any at all.

However, those who kept plugging in and working it, experienced growth eventually. And although that eventually can start to feel like forever, we can tell you the wait is worth it!

Now, for the final things that could be hindering your business growth, be sure to watch the video and plug into our Facebook Community. Our mission is to help YOU experience growth and support you throughout the process!


Spark your Influence,

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