We’re not sure who needs to hear this but; at one point or another, we all have that feeling of being STUCK in our network marketing business. 

And there are many areas we can feel stuck, right? 

  • Feel like we’re doing all the right things, but nothing is working
  • Unable to recruit or prospect the way we had hoped
  • Our friends and family do NOT want to hear about it 
  • We hit a ‘success coma’ or a plateau 

And the list goes on. We have ALL been there. We share this because we want you to know that you are not alone. And we also share this because the good news is that you don’t need to stay stuck. 

In this training, we go through three pillars we work with daily in our business. 

  1. Recruiting 
  2. Stories 
  3. System 

Stop Feeling Stuck

Recruiting Pillar

→ Launch/Relaunch

→ Intentional 

→ Grit 

The good news about this business is we can always hit the reset button. So when we’re feeling stuck, need some inspiration, are ready to get over our pity party, etc., all we need to do is hit that button. 

And it’s in this reset place where we get intentional with our business. And by intentional, it means we’re blocking off the necessary time to work; we’re conscious of the content we’re putting out there and the conversations we’re having. We are digging deep. 

Grit. Network marketing is simple, but it’s not easy. Perseverance over the years is critical to a successful business. In many ways, determination has enabled us to be where we stand today with teams of thousands across the globe. Sure the other skills are essential, but please know that there will be times it will take everything you’ve got. 

feeling stuck

Stories Pillar

→ Upline/Others

→ Your own

→ Team 

Among other things that can leave us feeling stuck is feeling like we don’t have a story to share. Well, guess what? You have an abundance of stories all around you. 

When we have someone brand new to the business, we always ensure they know where and how to plug into stories. These stories might come from their sponsor, upline, crossline, etc. But, ultimately, they should come from people in your business with a relatable story they can share. 

Now, we know someone reading this needs to hear this next point.

Your story is what makes you, you. Click To Tweet

Even earning a free product or a few hundred dollars a month IS a great story. Yet, too often, we find people feeling stuck are thinking they need this elaborate story (the rags to riches kind) when we are here to tell you that you do not. 

Fact: most people we speak to or invite to look at our business appreciate these relatable and powerful stories more than the big ones you think you need. 

And your team, after all, we wouldn’t have most of the stories we can share and LIVE if it weren’t for our teams. 

curiosity wins every time in network marketing

System Pillar 

→ First sale

→ First rank

→ Core rank 

This pillar ties into our last one; stories. Our main goal is to help that brand new person in our deal make their first sale. When new team members make that first sale, it helps build confidence. And we know what confidence can do for this business, right? 

When we have confidence, we speak to more people. Click To Tweet

And, when we talk to more people, it helps inch us closer to that first rank. We start with helping our new business partners make that first sale because it is attainable. In contrast, that first rank can feel a lot more overwhelming, especially on a builder side of a compensation plan.

Additionally, based on your company compensation plan, each business will have one rank that is essentially the sweet spot. Our amazing friend and mentor, Eric Worre, speaks about core rank in many of his pieces of training. You should check those out 😉

Overall, if you are feeling stuck in your business, please know that we are here to chat if you need some further guidance! 


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We Believe in You ♥️

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