Curiosity Killed the Cat …or did it? We’ve all heard this expression, right? And, many of us, when we were children, listened to this phrase when our parents were trying to discourage us from being nosy! However, in this network marketing industry, some curiosity is not only pleasing but is also essential.

Curiosity and Network Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

In this business, we should be talking less and listening more. And, when we listen (by first asking the right questions), we can get to the heart of the matter in an effective, efficient, and heart-centred way.

So, you probably hear a lot about curiosity posts and how to create curiosity – but forget that you, too, need to be curious. You need to own the role. The role in which you are that curious cat.

Curiosity is often the foundation of relationships.


After all, this is a relationship business, right? So here’s the deal. When we are curious and respectful about the process — people feel heard. It elicits this emotion: wow, they do care, or they seem super interested in my life. These are the emotions you are looking to pull out of your prospects.

Why? Because it starts to develop this underlying trust, this feeling of safety or security. Asking the right questions matters. Let’s take a look at some ways to open the conversation;

These Powerful words will help them ‘lean in‘ and want more; 

  • I’m just curious
  • If I would you
  • Mind if I ask you a simple question
  • Do you mind if I share a little story with you 
  • Can I get your opinion on something 

 These openers help you open the dialogue. If you notice, they help put the decision on the prospect. Chances are they will be open to answering your question, which is what you need. First, you want the guard down (because they will be on guard!) Then, when you have established that the ‘door is open,’ you can dive in a little deeper.

Suggested Questions to Pose to Satisfy your Curiosity

Whether we are looking to identify our target market, engage with potential customers, qualify future distributors, or look to other leaders to see what techniques are working for them, we must ask some questions:

• What are their interests?

• What is their motivation?

• What are their goals?

• What is their current occupation, and do they love it?

• Do their core values align with yours?

These are just a few examples to get your thought processes going. Are there any questions that stand out to you more than others? How receptive would you be if you were the prospect in this situation? There are endless questions you can ask — and ones that will become your thing, so don’t be afraid to venture into what aligns with you.

You see, curiosity exists at all levels of your business.

From the prospect stage, customer acquisition and distributor retention. Curiosity is key to knowing who your prospect is. And, more importantly, what they need. Click To Tweet

If you don’t ask, how will you know?

You often see excellent results when you promote or create curiosity as part of your company culture. Not only does curiosity stimulate an active mind, but it has the power to deliver results and solutions as you’ve never imagined.

When combined with other values of your business, curiosity helps prospects and team members feel and act like they are part of something and, as a result, will explore new ideas that can propel your business to the next level.

Curiosity is like exercising the mind. 

When the mind is curious, it takes on the world. Think about when you were a young child and how you saw everything around you. At times, it’s as if your mind didn’t stop moving. In your business, you need team members who also observe the world around them.

From inner brand issues to putting customer needs first, taking the world in allows you (and them) to see the bigger picture. While so many people spend time in the weeds and getting slammed with the details, curious people see the bigger picture and then work on the details.

curiosity wins every time in network marketing

Curiosity is an Incredibly Important Trait for an Entrepreneur

While we know the saying, ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ the second half of the phrase is less known.

Sure, ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ but ‘satisfaction brought it back.’

Well, that’s much more encouraging, isn’t it? You see, being curious encourages and promotes out-of-the-box thinking. You will encounter challenges as an entrepreneur and/or network marketer. So, when you are open to a curious mind, your instinct will be to find solutions to the problem.

When you are curious, you are open to possibilities and endless potential. Without being open to curiosity and how it fits into your business and life, you will see failure before you see it possible. You will probably create limits for yourself instead of reaching for the moon.

Stay Passionate.

Loving what you do contributes not only to the success of your business but also to the level of fulfillment you find in what you produce. In addition, by being curious and learning new things, talking to new people, and venturing into unfamiliar territory — you’ll fight off the tendency to become bored or lazy about your daily routines.

Curiosity will keep you passionate, and that passion will be evident to your team members, sponsor, prospects, and prospects.

So go ahead – get curious!


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We Believe in You ♥️

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