When you are in business, one of the critical things to should learn is effective communication. And although it is among of the most important life skills we rarely put much effort into it. Those in the network marketing space should focus especially on being a better communicator, being a relationship business after all.

Another point we want to mention about its importance, is that great communication is important not just in business but life in general right? From social situations to the office, it matters.

Communication is more than just an exchange of information or details.

It should include the emotions and intentions in the message. In other words, it includes how you communicate your message but should also include how you listen and respond as well.

Becoming a better communicator involves these 4 things;

  1. Engaged and active listening
  2. Nonverbal communication
  3. Managing stress in the moment
  4. Asserting yourself in a respectful way


Being prepared when you are speaking with someone is huge when it comes to prospects. Here’s why …

Think about the last time you tried to wing it, chances are more likely that you left the communication feeling like ‘I could have said this‘, or ‘I should have not said that‘. When you’re prepared this doesn’t happen. Even setting up a few different scenarios or paths to take is effective.

For example, when someone asks you about your business already know which tool or resource you want to plug them into. Many companies have a plethora of tools from Facebook pages to short videos right? So whichever you feel will be the most effective with that prospect – use it. And, be prepared that if you need to call an audible you already know what it will be.

Your job as a Communicator is Being Clear

A great acronym to remember when it comes to being the most effective in your message is B.R.I.E.F.

Background, Reason, Information, End, Follow Up.

This phrase can help in both verbal and written communication. It’s a good one to keep handy for when you are sharing your story, or even writing an email. And, when it comes to this remember to keep in mind who you’re speaking to/with. If you are building a business you probably have certain jargon you use and that is fine when you are communicating with your team or others in the business. However, avoid using this jargon with prospects. To them, this is not an effective way to communicate your message.

Meet them where they are.

Think about when you are at the doctor and they start using all sorts of medical jargon, it’s frustrating, confusing and frankly can be scary.

Always Stick to the Truth

This tip may feel like a no brainer but we still felt it was important to mention. Because here’s the deal a half truth is a whole lie so you do not want to get caught in this rabbit hole. Most prospects can smell that from a mile away and when you’re caught once, you’ve lost all credibility.

What a waste that would be if you’ve spent time building a relationship and getting to know them, only to have it lost with a lie (big or small).

The truth is always good enough.

No one likes when people who beat around the bush. Be clear and concise with your point — this is all part of being an effective communicator and that’s the goal after all.

If at any time during your conversation you feel that you may have lost them along the way, check in. People will appreciate that so much more than listening to a monologue of something they don’t understand. This one can take practice but well worth it. For example; ‘Josie I know this can be a little confusing you’re with me right?. Use the words that feel right to you, and don’t be afraid to use them.

Step up your Empathy Game

Communication is a two-way street right? If you practice taking the opposing viewpoint, you can reduce the difficulty and anxiety that sometimes happens when trying to be a good communicator with others.Developing empathy helps you better understand even the unspoken parts of your communication and helps you respond more effectively.

In network marketing this is a great tool to pull out of the toolbox.

We want to be relatable and really hear where a prospect is coming from. Not only as a means to offer them a solution but also by just being decent human being. Put yourself in their shoes. This will not only increase your ability to get where they’re coming from but it’ll help you offer a little more patience and compassion where it may be needed.

Lastly, it is never too late to reinvent yourself. Whether that be as a communicator, a better listener or a combination of the two. Your business will reward you, your team will love you for it, and you will be better because of it!


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