Synchronicity is about seeing around those corners no one else is looking around. In our opinion, it’s often critical when we want that edge on our competition. Often, we only seek out answers from people or things we already know.

Where the truth is, there are answers to questions everywhere.

Do you possess a mind already ready for learning? Even new things?

Are you open to feedback, suggestions or input from outside sources?

Would you consider yourself someone with an open mind?

Synchronicity can only occur when these mindsets are in place. Knowing when or where to ask for help, divulging a need, or requesting advice is where the magic can happen. It’s possible there are people right under your fingertips with answers to questions you have RIGHT NOW.

Synchronicity is Around ‘those’ Corners

You might be sitting there thinking, ‘sure that’s great but how do I look around those corners?‘.

And that, would be a great question. So here are a few ideas to help you start bridging the gap and closing in on the potential of synchronicity. Because listen, there are people that cross our paths that we end up working with or collaborating with and we own much of that to what believe to be, synchronicity.

  • Be aware of what questions you need solving — what are your current needs
  • Allow yourself to be open to feedback from sources you may not know
  • Permit yourself to become uncomfortable (outside of comfort zones)
  • Work on someone else’s ‘issue’ — loosely related to yours, but one you can tackle
  • When synchronicity happens — grab onto it and hold it tight

Synchronicity is a form of magic. It is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Start to notice your thoughts and your feelings and see if your ‘physical reality‘ is reflecting your thoughts and feelings.  

This is why happy people attract more happy people and successful people attract more success into their life! It really can be that simple.  

Now imagine the possibilities for your business if you just added this observation of yourself to your daily actions. You would be able to observe your thoughts, and change them almost immediately to the thoughts you want attracted into your ‘physical reality‘ through synchronicity.  

That’s why successful people are labeled ‘the dreamers‘ and you might agree that it sure appears that their dreams do come true! However, this should never dismiss the hard work and determination that go hand in hand.

Do you Believe in Magic?

Synchronicity is often referred to as magic.

And it’s potentially where the phrase ‘where the magic happens took place. You see, we could look at it similar to the thought process behind the laws of attraction.

Just because you put something out there doesn’t necessarily mean it will come — or at least in the way you had hoped or expected. However, when you pair that belief system with persistence, consistency and all the other incredible skills leaders possess, you are setting the foundation for the inevitable.

And, we want that for you.

Overall, we believe that synchronicity has an immense lot of real estate in the business world. Some of the best connections or stories we hear about, all involve this simple magic in some way or another. We would encourage you to be open to it — and, if you’ve experience this type of experience we would LOVE to hear about it in the comments below.

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