Every year, the Holiday shopping explosion that kicks off on Black Friday and peaks on Cyber Monday gets bigger and bigger. And nowhere is that growth more apparent than in online businesses.

The message to online businesses is clear: Get on board by preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, or miss out. And so, in today’s post we’ve put together a few helpful tips to do just that.

Prepare your Small Business for Black Friday

It might seem obvious to you, but preparation is one of the best ways to get ahead during this shopping weekend. So start early with your Black Friday and Cyber Monday prep. Remember, consumers are preparing for this weekend just as much as many entrepreneurs are, so keep them in the loop. 

Come up with a strategy that builds some hype (urgency) for your upcoming promotions.

  1. Peak your audience’s curiosity with some social media posts
  2. Reach out to your loyal customers with a heads up (more on this below)
  3. Send an email out to your list helping to create excitement
  4. Create a clear picture for yourself (on hand) of all your promotions

When it comes to curiosity, it’s probable that your company or business will have a new product launching or never before seen package of sorts. Work those promotions into your content strategy in the coming weeks. For example, we know one of our top sellers has a new flavor coming out Black Friday. So, we are working content like;

Guess the new tasty treat we’re getting ready to announce’ and, ‘how would you like to stay on track with your health goals with our favorite flavor?!’.

Obviously, you want to do what fits best for your product or service but don’t be afraid to get creative.

Reach out to your Existing Customers

If you’ve been in business a while now, you probably have at least a handful through to thousands of loyal customers. Take the time to reach out to them. Now, this is where preparation will require some time commitment. Think about how powerful the following could be;

Hey Janet, I know you love ordering the xyz skin care line and guess what?! The deals on this for Black Friday are going to be amazing! Would it be OK if I connected with you again closer to the date?’

This does a few things;

  1. It lets Janet know you appreciate her business
  2. You stay personable enough with her that you are familiar with her favorite product(s)
  3. It gives you an opportunity to reach out to her with the deal you spoke of and by gaining permission first, it is far more likely to secure an order

Yes, this takes getting into the trenches but your attention to detail and customer care will go a long way!

In a lot of ways, being a small business is an advantage during the holidays. It allows you to get personal and make your customers feel special in ways that big companies simply can’t compete with. Own that!

Consider a Contest or Giveaway

We know … Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already crazy enough but we’re suggesting you tack on a giveaway or contest? Hear us out!

If there’s one thing that we can say with 100% certainty, it’s this: 

People love free stuff

Pair this with the shopping madness that’ll be going on over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you’ve got a recipe for social media (sales) success. 

Try running some contests or giveaways during this big weekend – you’ll want to offer your audience the chance to win something GREAT related to your business — and in return you’ll be able to generate benefit too.

Think likes, shares, comments, and upvotes – all of which will help you to draw more attention to your company/brand and the sales that you’re running.

Remember, most people who shop regularly on Black Friday have already started to prepare their lists of wants/needs. Consider content over the next couple weeks where you can generate good dialogue around ‘what’s on your list?!’ This will help you squeeze in there (if you’re not already) and, give you a great picture of what people are out there searching for!

Have you already started your planning? We would love to hear about it!

With proper planning and a solid game plan in place, you can ensure your business can take full advantage of the shopping experiences that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


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