Let’s assume you have a GREAT product. You can dress it up, slap a bow on it and offer it at a fantastic price. But, no one sees it. You are limited in its exposure to other people whether it be through word of mouth or paid strategies. And so, how helpful would it be to learn how to use your content to. generate a steady flow of leads to your business?

Probably pretty helpful, right?

Well, that’s what this post is all about. You see, the marketing world has changed over the years. And even those with marketing or advertising budgets will not excel without  content strategy. People are craving for snippets about what products and services will do for them. They want the story, the testimony, and fill the void.

Then vs. Now Marketing Strategies

Neil Patel wrote an article back in May 2018 about the now vs. then marketing and sales funnels. Although there may be a slight shift to be totally current, this visual should help;

… notice the difference? Marketing is completely dominating the funnel and yet people continue to have a sales driven mentality. Want to win and create a steady flow of leads … master your content.

Get really good at;

  1. Creating awareness (valuable content)
  2. Attracting Interested Parties (curiosity posts, attraction marketing)
  3. Connecting to allow for Consideration of you (not product yet)
  4. Relationships to Nurture Intent (about your product)
  5. Lean on the Relationship (decision making process)
  6. Customer Purchase (LOVE on them)

Now, please understand that we are insistent on genuine connections. So yes, there is a marketing component to this – however, be true and authentic in your messaging and conversations with prospects. Your relationships matter more than any sale or sign up.

Remember that.

OK, now that we’ve determined that marketing is the key — creating the content for that marketing is next. Because, with the right content – even existing content, is the ultimate way to generate a steady flow of leads to your business.

What is a Sales Lead?

According to InvestopediaA sales lead is the identification data gathered from a prospective buyer of a product or service. Businesses gain access to sales leads through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings, third parties, and other marketing efforts. A sales lead is not a sales prospect because further qualification of the new client possibility is necessary to determine their intent and interest.

Consider this a friendly reminder that the leads process occurs before the qualification process. Meaning, it is important to recognize that your new contact is a lead to start. Once you have determined you may be able to fill a void or, offer them a solution … hold off on your GREAT product pitch.

Picture it as a place that the sorting process begins.

This is where relevant content matters most. You want to ensure that the value you are putting out will be found valuable to your ideal person/prospect. For example, if you are selling shampoo but putting out content about computers … who are you attracting?

This is often the place people find themselves stuck.

Irrelevant content is almost as much of a waste of time as spammy content. Why? Because neither are going to attract quality leads for your business.

Create Content To Generate A Steady Flow Of Leads

… that’s really the backbone of the content you are putting out there. Keep it relevant. So, before you get content crazy (not necessarily a bad thing), identify your audience. Once that is crystal clear the next question you should be asking is this;

‘where are my ideal prospects?’

W know they’re more than likely online, but where?

The following is a list of places that you will want to consider visiting with your targeted, value driven, and relevant content. 

  1. Twitter (short, actionable, best used for leads during the day time)
  2. LinkedIn (publishing piece of the platform – take full advantage)
  3. Quora (answer a question – be valuable to the posted)
  4. Reddit (create a small entry on a topics you are rich in knowledge in)
  5. Facebook (adding continuous and consistent value – including in Groups or Pages)
  6. YouTube (create how to videos, tutorials, people love DIY)
  7. Surf some blogs (create solid comments on ones that have engagement)
  8. Guest blog (like writing? connect with others on how you can provide value)
  9. Participate in online forums (search forums related to your industry)
  10. Instagram (quality images with powerful captions)


Please Note: Each of these platform for generating a steady flow of leads, need consistency. Additionally, they require regular follow up. Make sure you are going back to the content you’ve distributed – see who else is engaging on the content. Connect with them.

Overall, taking action is your ticket to acquiring a steady flow of quality leads. Sure, you can skip corners, buy leads or share leads with others but, in our opinion you would actually be doing yourself a disservice. Take the time to discover quality and nurture them, love on them, breathe life into them!


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Choose to Shine,

steady flow of leads

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