Have you ever met someone and felt, YES they are a gifted leader? And then others you have met along your journey who have grown into that role? Or, maybe you have met people who just aren’t even sure what to do? Becoming a leader takes work. Becoming a leader of leaders, takes refinement.

We are so blessed to have met all of these different people throughout our life. Whether it be in a business or personal setting, it has been empowering for us to help foster the growth of both leaders and leader of leaders.

You might be asking yourself, what’s the difference? And, that would be a great question that we are about to answer for you in this post!

First of all, what is leadership?

Leadership is often described as a set of skills that can be enhanced and trained. Furthermore, leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Or as Bill Gates stated; As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

Do you agree? Are there qualities or wording you would add to this?

Where do you see yourself as a leader?

Now, we know there are incredible leaders of massive followings that exist online and offline of course. However, with those same skills are they also able to lead, leaders? Let’s explore this a bit further and get you some perspective on how you can start applying this to your business.

5 Steps to Becoming a Leader of Leaders

A good leader is one who leads by example, right? And, does what they expect everyone else to do. If you expect your team to work hard, then you should be a hard worker too.

By practicing what you preach, you earn the respect, trust and loyalty of your team, and before long, you’ll see that they’re following your example. In turn, fostering those who are ready, to be leaders. So, leading by example is an easy way to paint the picture but, we believe these next 5 suggestions will help you grow into becoming a leader of those leaders.

Dress to Influence, Don’t Dress to Impress

Yes, you are probably thinking — woah Sarah and Tony, shouldn’t you always dress to impress? Well, hear us out. If a suit and tie or dress and heels are your jam … then do that! However, we know they’re not for everyone. Ever put something on where you feel super uncomfortable and as a result your whole energy changes?

Well, consider dressing in a manner that represents you and your brand. Of course we aren’t suggesting you show up sloppy or unkept — but who are you looking to attract? How do you want people to perceive your personality through your appearance?

Dress to influence, not to impress.

When you give your Word, Keep it at all Costs

Familiar with the saying ‘don’t make promises you can’t keep’? This couldn’t be more true — in all areas of life and business. When you commit to someone else you have to keep that commitment however you can. We appreciate things come up and if or when they do, let the other person know.

You want your customers, prospects, employees and team members to respect you, right? Never leave someone hanging, including your leaders.

Customer Service should Extend to your Team Members too!

Think about the customer service you provide for your customers and/or prospects. Chances are it’s impeccable, thoughtful, courteous, etc. Are you treating those working with or for you in the same manner?

Becoming a leader of leaders means extending that same generosity, care and concern that you give the brand new person. When you are growing and nurturing new leaders they deserve that. This is also a great display of how to treat the leaders they are developing.

Solicit Feedback instead of Waiting for it

Check in with your leader regularly. This can be satisfied with a quick message or conversation. Let them know you’re available if they need anything and how you can serve them best. If you have just completed a training or workshop — reach out to them. Ask for their feedback and suggestions instead of waiting for them to come to you.

This will not only help these leaders felt heard and appreciated, but it will also help them feel included in your future projects. Becoming a leader of leaders means you recognize the strengths and ideas of those working with you.

Demonstrate that Personal Growth is Always on the Agenda

As a leader, you have more than likely made a commitment to your own personal growth and, this should be on an ongoing basis. When you are becoming a leader of leaders, don’t hesitate to share your growth with them.

Let’s assume you come across a great article, book, webinar or podcast — share it. This satisfies 2 areas;

  1. Shows them you are always learning and working on yourself and,
  2. Includes them and encourages them to do the same.

Overall, leadership is a privilege in our opinion and one that should never be taken lightly. You have already accomplished leading a group of people to action. Whether it be your customers, team members or otherwise. Isn’t it time you levelled up those existing skills to becoming a leader of leaders?

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