When you don’t address negativity happening in your business, it will start to spread among your team. Which leads us to this post on that the best way to handle a negative team member in your business.

The first thing you need to do when you see the negativity happening, you have to address it with that person.

We can’t expect that it will just go away and the earlier it’s addressed the better. Remember, it’s not about confrontation it’s more so about having a conversation. Brushing it under the rug or quite honestly ignoring that it’s even happening is NEVER a good idea.

When you deal with the reality of it early on … his will not only help stop its spread but ultimately it should show the person that you’re not interested in broken telephone or otherwise miscommunication — you are far more interested in connecting with them and seeing what’s up and how you can help. 

We would also like to encourage you that before you go into this conversation, check your motive. Make sure that the reason you’re having the conversation is to diffuse the situation not light a torch to it

  1. Let’s make sure this person feels heard. 
  2. Let’s make sure we go in and not be judging. 
  3. Ensure that you are going in with grace. 

This isn’t about going in on attack mode … remember this is a conversation. 

Ways of Dealing with the Negative Team Member

The following are a few ways (and summary of the video above) that we use to work with a negative team member through less than favorable situations.

The Sandwich Approach

  1. Start with a compliment — the GOOD. 
  2. Address the situation. 
  3. End on a positive note. 

This approach helps take the guards or defensiveness down, on both sides really. 

Create Positive Behavior 

Remember you’re not going into this conversation with this negative team member to tell them what to do. We would much rather you be the catalyst to helping this person come up with the tools so that everyone can work through whatever the situation is. Whether it be gossip, lack of results/performance, drama, etc. the goal is to work through it — together. 

There are 2 ways that we address things with a negative team member coming to us with the drama … 

First, ask them if they’re coming to you because you’d like to find a solution and two, ask them if they’ve spoken with that ‘negative’ team member about it yet. 

Have the tough conversations … 

And … if you find yourself having the same conversation with the same person over and over again there are a few reasons this might be happening;

  1. Poor personal development 
  2. Limited emotional intelligence 
  3. Haven’t bought into the team culture 

(And others for sure … but we’ve found these to be the most common)

The good news? Each of those things can be improved upon without question IF that negative team member is open to that. If they’re not, the sad truth is — they will find their way out. 

Lastly, remember at the end of all these tough conversations … YOU are protecting the golden goose aka your business. In network marketing, this includes your own business for sure but it also includes your team and your company. Nix the negative nonsense from the get go and EVERYONE wins that way! 


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