We’re in an odd time in the world right now (May 2020), right? But, we’re also in an incredible time to refine our skills and become a better leader while, growing our organizations. And, this post (and video) is designed to give you a couple tools to help you do just that.

Truth be told, these tips won’t just apply to the time we’re in right now either. In fact, they can be used in future to help you continue your growth overall.

Additionally, these tips also apply to any type of organization or business model. As influencers, we can all stand to tighten up our leadership skills and nurture out current and incoming clients and customers.

Become A Better Leader and Grow Your Organization

First, we want to share a metaphor with you. Think of a group of people walking through thick woods in a line. When you are the leader, you are the first person in that line  — holding a machete to clear all the branches and obstacles ahead of the group.

You are the first to deal with the unknown ahead of you, while you do not have someone in front of you to lean on because the responsibility to clear and create the trail for those who follow is yours.

At the same time, you are constantly looked at and asked by the group: 

  1. “Where are we going?” 
  2. “How will we get there?”
  3. “When?” “Will we ever make it?” 

When things are hard, people look to you for solutions. You are ALWAYS on the spot with all eyes on you!

Before you are actually the person who is first in line, you might imagine it as a glamorous, powerful position to have, right? And it can be. So ask yourself in this situation how could you become a better leader?

Now, apply this type of scenario to your business or organization. We know you have people looking to you, asking similar type questions and wanting answers. Are you prepared to be that person for those following you?

As a start and a way to grow your business consider these two tips;

  1. Appreciation and,
  2. Picking your battles.

Appreciation goes a LONG way! How often are you pouring into others? Are you lifting them up, celebrating them and letting them know they’re appreciated? We strongly suggest using voice messages or phone calls to check in with others you’re working with (or looking to work with). This is a time to remind people of their strengths, the things you appreciation about them and love on them! These are the actions people benefit from and, will remember as we go through the good and not so good times together.

Secondly, pick your battles. Within organizations times can be stressful, right? And how much is it worth to you to always be right? Especially, when it’s about things that won’t necessarily change the outcome. Sure, processes and policies should be adhered to but leave it at that.

People just want to be heard and to become a better leader you should have the best ears around.

Use the time we’re in now to reach out, nurture those relationships and build out a solid foundation using communication, appreciation and overall gratitude. This can be a trying time but it can also be one that brings people together — more than ever.

What are you doing right now to become a better leader? Have you implemented more appreciation into your businesses be it clients, colleagues or customers? Let us know how you are bettering your leadership skills during the more trying times. If we can help — please do not hesitate to reach out and be sure to plug into our Influencers Community on Facebook!


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