There is no secret that Facebook Lives (or IGTV for that matter) can help grow your business, right? You’ve probably heard all the experts talk about the power of video – and yet, there are so many not taking advantage of them. 

See, the organic reach on live video content is so much larger than that of pre-recorded video or, no video at all. This post isn’t to convince you why you should — sorry. Instead it’s for the people who are using them (or open to) and want to know how to make big things happen. 

Here are 5 key things you can do to maximize those Facebook Lives 

… and get them working for you. Because nothing beats profitable videos, right? 

First things first – do NOT get caught up in everything needing to be perfect. In fact, many of the powerful Facebook lives that exist today were created using mobile devices, raw, uncut and totally in the moment. Sure, you can invest in tripods, lights and backdrops but the most important part is just getting them out there. 

Don’t let the start stop you. 

Key #1 – Engage Prior to Going Live. 

Analytics tell us that more people will see your new content after you have done one of two things;

  1. Spoken with them in messenger
  2. Engaged on their content 

And so, knowing this, spend 15-20 minutes before going live and connect with your audience. Show them some love – look at it as the law of reciprocity working in your favor. Additionally, we know most Facebook live views happen on a replay – and knowing this, don’t get caught up in engaging with only those online. Go through your timeline and get social! 

Key #2 – Titles Matter! 

Think about the Facebook lives that you click on to watch. How much attention do you pay to the title? Probably more than you realize. We would encourage you not to get caught up in crafting cryptic titles. Let your audience know what they can expect from your video in terms of value, lessons, entertainment or otherwise. 

2-3 emojis max should be used … overusing them hurts you when it comes to the algorithm secret sauce. Open with one, close with one and if you need to, throw one in the middle somewhere. 

Key #3 – Bring Value, Every Single Time.

When creating your content for your Facebook Lives make sure that there is always a lesson or takeaway for your audience. Even when you are creating entertaining or funny content think about what you want them to do or gain from watching you. 

Remember, there are teachable moments in everything – everywhere. Capitalise on those and share them with your viewers. The power of suggestion is good stuff – put it out there for them. Open your dialogue with prompts like;

  1. Think about this for a moment …
  2. Has this ever happened to you …? 
  3. What I learned from this was …

… and so on. Give them something to take away from viewing you. When they feel like they’ve received value from you they are far more inclined to watch you again and again. 

Key #4 – Focus on your Transitions. 

When you open up your Facebook Lives please do not wait for people to jump on. The primary reason we suggest this (and learned from experience) is when most of your viewers are one a replay, they don’t want to wait. 

Secondly, if you ever intend to repurpose your Live video content, too much dead air or waiting around makes this more and more difficult. Now that we have that out of the way another key thing to remember is your intro. 

Introductions are important but should never go beyond 45 seconds to a minute. Work on refining your intro so that you can get it in under that minute mark. Use verbiage at the end of your intro that will help you get right into the value you’re about to bring. 

Use notes to help you stay on track so you’re not all over the place. You want your videos to be easy to follow. If people have to spend time trying to figure out what you’re saying or getting to, you lose them. And, we don’t want that for you! 

Similar to your intro, your outro should also be quick and seamless. Wrap up the discussion topic and close it out (see key #5 for some call to action suggestions). 

Key #5 – Always use a CTA (Call to Action). 

Despite what we might tell ourselves about not liking to be told what to do … human behaviors suggest otherwise. Whether we want our audience to connect with us, download something, purchase a course, laugh, share, and all things in between – tell them! 

Now of course you don’t need to be pushy or super salesy either. A soft CTA is effective in the beginning and end of your Facebook Lives. Using verbiage like the following might help;

  1. Don’t forget to share this video out! 
  2. Thanks for joining and make sure you send me a message when we’re done here
  3. Want to join our Facebook Group? Drop the word influencer in the comments! 

… and so on. Your audience is far more likely to actually do something after your video than if you hadn’t left a CTA at all. At first it may feel awkward or even uncomfortable for you but this too, shall pass. 

We hope these 5 Key Strategies will help you maximize the effort you put into your Facebook Lives. Let us know in the comments where people can catch you live! And, if you have any key things that have worked for you, drop them in the comments we are always open to growing our own styles!


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