For many entrepreneurs and network marketers, the 4th quarter (October 1 – December 31) is where a lot of magic happens. However, this magic can only happen when we’re ready to do the work, right? So in this post, we will give you a checklist to consult while opening up the last part of the year and a strategy to match. 

See, we know — especially in sales — that the latter half of the year can generate solid sales in both products and services. Consumers are generally gearing up for Holiday shopping, and businesses are using up the last of their budgets. 

Although it can be tempting to join the festivities yourself, don’t lose sight of how hard you worked all year for this moment. Stop watching others make it happen and take control of your business and the magic waiting for you inside the 4th quarter. 

Here are your 4th Quarter Magic Go-To’s

We should also note before diving in that how you close the year is how you open the next. So, think about the work you’re putting in right now will not only create some sales to complete your year strong, but it will also lay a solid foundation to open up next year for you too! 

Suppose this isn’t enough motivation to kick your 4th quarter into high gear. Well, we’re not sure what to tell you! This time of the fiscal year is among our favorites! In the past, it has been our highest quarter sales and revenue-wise, but we also see it continue to trickle into the 1st quarter of the following year. 

That is pretty magical! 

Review and Evaluate

  1. Take some time (some real-time) and review your year-to-date. 
  2. Where are you with your goals? 
  3. Are your numbers meeting your projections? 
  4. Have some changes or adjustments affected these outcomes? 
  5. Evaluate each aspect of your goals and their desired outcomes

Before heading into your 4th quarter head first, understanding the baseline and realistic expectations for a year-end is essential. If you need to make some adjustments or call an audible — do that. But don’t do it without a good idea of where you are currently. 

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Develop your Plan

If you thought this year went by fast, we promise the 4th quarter will feel even quicker. Between the Holidays, the year-end pressure regarded by many, and your audience and consumers facing their schedules — this time of year always flies by. 

Consider the ways you can maximize this time. 

  1. Who will you reach out to and follow up with? 
  2. How will you do that? Email, phone call, messenger or otherwise (be specific)
  3. What do you have of value to them this quarter? 
  4. Will you maximize the holiday season with special sales (Black Friday, Holiday Sales, etc.)?

Having a clear plan going into this quarter is critical. Otherwise, as we mentioned above, you could find yourself wondering where the time went in December. 

Review and Adjust Often

Generally, we suggest people review their goals on a 60-90 day basis. Ninety days is probably the most common in the entrepreneurial and network marketing spaces; you are probably familiar with phrases like ‘90 day run‘, for example. Although this may be efficient and effective throughout the first through third quarters, we strongly suggest your 4th quarter magic look slightly different. 

Based on the plan and strategy you created for your 4th quarter, we suggest you review these goals and desired outcomes every 3-4 weeks max. Here’s why, we have already determined that this time of the year will fly by, so you want to make sure you are making the most out of every moment. 

Reviewing things regularly will allow you to make necessary adjustments sooner rather than later. This is especially beneficial during the holidays because we know these sales can take a toll on us, and being prepared and having a strong pulse on what’s happening is key! 

Overall, everyone in business can create some fourth-quarter magic. And, we hope that these businesses include you! So, take the time to review your year so far, develop your plan moving forward, execute it with intention and make it happen. 


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We Believe in You ♥️

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