5 Simple Ways to Bulletproof Your Network Marketing Team


Recently, we attended an event when a legend in our industry was recognized. Larry Thompson is his name. And, what was incredible about him when he was recognized it was more than his 50 years in network marketing. His tribute was based around a story of never giving up. Creating a network marketing team and culture that lives to this day. Believing in a vision only he could see. And, as a result of his persistence and consistency he has gone on to impact millions of lives.

Do you see something similar for yourself? Your legacy?

What foundation or pillars are you putting in place to drive you there? We think this post will help!

5 Ways to Bulletproof your Network Marketing Team

The ways we are about to share with you are relevant whether you have no team (yet) or thousands. Because here’s what we know to be true .. The speed of the pack is dictated by the leader. You want to ensure you are leading from from the front. This isn’t a matter of motivating or even dragging your team. It is about showing them and others, what’s possible. Therefore, the first way to bulletproofing your network marketing team, is culture.

Team culture is best summarized by this;


  1. Why we do it here
  2. What we do here


The goal, is creating a culture that is sticky. It is one that regardless of when someone joins you in business, they feel it. A solid team culture is when people hang on, no matter what. Now, we have a great blog already on this topic that you can find here > The Importance of Team Culture in Network Marketing, so be sure to check that out when you’re done here.

Ultimately, you want to have urgency around creating this culture. We believe it is pivotal in determining long-term success in this industry. Building a culture around urgency helps set the done for doing things now. Not saving for later, not when I have time — but acting now. These few key points are worth noting;

“When you always have growth, you always have life” – Tony Zolecki 

  • Edification, everyone building each other up, testimonials, etc.
  • Positivity, uplifting things that get people to explode and return for more
  • Product culture, belief, product of the product, a product that can enhance/change lives
  • Events, your business needs this without question — company, industry related
  • Growth, always growing and learning. The discovery about ourselves and it never stops

Want to Bulletproof your Network Marketing Team? Be Consistent.


Yes, you have heard this before. That however, doesn’t make it any less important. When we talk about consistency, we’re not talking about just today or this week. In fact, we are speaking well beyond 6 months a year, 5 years. Consistency will give you the edge in your business that others are not always willing to do or go. It is in this place of being consistent that your business becomes. priority. There are no excuses or reasons living here — it is a commitment that is equally as important as other responsibilities in your life.

Now, much of this is initially created in your team culture like we mentioned above. When you create that urgency with your team, that sticky-want-to-be-around culture, the consistency is born. Better yet, the willingness to go all in is showing its head and the decision seems almost non existent. Because you know that if you (and/or your network marketing team) want this, you must do.

Even on the days you don’t feel like it.

Especially on those days.

Let us ask you this; how many new relationships are you starting/building every day?

Dynamic Duplication and Driving Depth through Tap-rooting

There is one simple message when it comes to duplication in your network marketing team, ready?

Simple tools and simple systems.

Every leader in the network marketing industry has tapped into, or developed simple systems that your next door neighbor with zero experience can plug into and succeed. This is not the place to reinvent a wheel that has worked forever (just ask Larry!). People want something that is something like ‘network marketing for dummies‘, right? Do this and you get this result. Forgot the bells and whistles, present a simple (did we say simple?!) proven system that people can plug into all, day long.

These might be Facebook Groups, company calls or webinars, ATM Groups, customer groups — the list goes on. This is why as a leader, it is important that you are also plugged into these systems. Your growing network marketing team will follow your lead so make sure you are giving them something worth following. And by worth, we mean just that — they’re in business to earn an income.

Find the Magic in Part-Time for your Network Marketing Team

Now, let us preface this with we are truly blessed to have built a network marketing team into the thousands upon thousands of people. And, rarely (if ever) do we speak to people about 7 figures — even 6 figures is a rarity. Why? Well, because we recognize that most people (to the tune of 80+%) are in our industry for that extra few hundred dollars a month. So think about it like this. You have a brand new person on your team who really wants to earn $200.00 a month extra to their full time job to cover soccer lessons.

And then here you come talking about earning six figures (which they have never done in their job or elsewhere).

99% of people you will scare off and they won’t even stick around to earn those couple hundred dollars. So please, do yourself and those part-time rockstars a favor …

Find the magic in part-time.


Under promise and over deliver. Here’s the deal — that same person who you respected their part-time wishes just went on and earned $500/month or $1000/month. Where do you think their belief and commitment level is when this happens? How amazing would they feel with a goal of $200/month and they blow it out of the water. Do you think they may be far more likely to stick with you? Would it be a safe assumption that they are more than likely going to have a little party and tell everyone they know?

Think about what they will do for their business and in turn, your own.

The stories people want to hear are the ones they can relate to. And, they do not consist of a story that many people cannot relate to. They want to hear about the part-time one, the one where she was able to pay for soccer lessons, the one where they could take their family to Disney. Do not lose sight of how powerful the part time story is.

Be Resourceful + A Problem Solver

Coming to you with our last of the 5 ways to bulletproof your network marketing team and it’s a good one. This is where you step up to the plate with no one in the stands and you hit a home run. It is in this place that you give it your all even when no one is watching. This also includes that is people are talking about you chances are you are doing everything right. You want people talking about how much you are crushing it. And, to get here you need to be resourceful and find a way.

When you are being resourceful remember, this is not only about you. When someone on your team comes to you with a perceived obstacle or problem this is where you step in to help. In these moments there is so many amazing things that happen. You are able to step up as the leader you are striving to be. It is in these moments you earn incredible amounts of respect and appreciation from your team. And, it is these moments that will continue to shape your business into a non-stop machine!

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