When it comes to network marketing, connection is key. When people are being authentic and vulnerable, others feel a connection to them. Being vulnerable in your communication means you are not only becoming more comfortable with your own character, but you are willing to let people see your ups and downs. Keep in mind, being vulnerable includes the good and the bad.

The truth is, we believe this is one of the main skills to grow your business. And, it is a skill you don’t even need to learn! How awesome is that? Sure, you need to practice being more comfortable with it, but you already have it inside you.

Without being Vulnerable we had Zero Chance of Succeeding

Given that communication and connection is everything, if you are being explicitly you long term sustainability is tough, if not near impossible. Vulnerability plays a key role in laying the groundwork for future experiences. Whether this be new customers you welcome to your business, or builders that you welcome to your team — groundwork starts here.

We think the video that we have included in today’s post will help …

When leaders are vulnerable, they are more open and emotionally available, which you might agree, creates more bonding opportunities. And, we know that words like bonding also translate to words such as retention and longevity.

Should Leaders Really be Vulnerable Though?

Leaders do not have to be perfect in order to be successful. Read that again.

In fact it is quite the opposite.

Admitting mistakes, being open and honest, being transparent yields far more effective results than projecting an untouchable facade. We touched on this briefly in our post that you might find helpful

>> The Four Phases of Business in Network Marketing

Tough leaders may inspire others through fear or intimidation. Vulnerable leaders inspire with authenticity and humanity. And it’s the latter that is more likely to yield better results. Which type of leader are you? Or, want to be?

It’s time we embrace this side of things.  Not being afraid to be vulnerable. We should add, this applies to men and women — as Tony says ‘I needed to be a strong man’. Arguably, all people want is for you to be genuine, authentic and care about them in some way.

And guess what?

Being vulnerable in who you are, where you have been and where you are going, satisfies all of that (and then some more!).

Love can take many forms, like showing vulnerability by putting yourself out there, trusting in a process to allow something to unfold and being authentic with the people you encounter everyday. It can seem uncomfortable to talk about these things in a business article, but the truth is — that’s where all the magic happens. (Entrepreneur Inc.)

Let’s step back a moment. What do we know about the term vulnerable anyways? Better yet, how could anyone think that this is a good word — especially one to build your business being. Being vulnerable has the stigma of being seen as a sign of weakness. And yet, we have worked closely with many leaders through the past year, and we find ourselves being inspired by their unapologetic authenticity.

Vulnerability Fuels the Strongest Relationships

It can transform performance to help bring more success to your organization. The boldest act a leader can demonstrate is to be publicly vulnerable. Let us stop you there for a moment and erase that visual image of a leader walking around with a box of tissues and sharing their deepest, most personal secrets with everyone.

Being vulnerable in network marketing simply means you are ready to take off your armor, put aside any pretenses, and check the ego at the door. A vulnerable leader is comfortable with not having all the answers, forever learning, growing and being true to where they came from and where they are going.

You see, by being vulnerable you never know who is hearing your story. Consider that your past is less than favorable, and you still choose to be transparent with it. There is someone on the other end of that phone, or in their seats watching you on a video or at an event you are speaking at — they can relate. In fact, it resonates so much for them because it says ‘I’ve been there too, and look at me now’.

Powerful would be an understatement here.

The Mind Shift with Vulnerability

Start to see the aspirations of the network marketing industry through the eyes of the people you lead. As you step back and allow others to take the drivers seat in conversations, ‘your’ people will feel more connected, invested and a deep sense of commitment to the shared vision overall.

We would love to hear your thoughts about being vulnerable in business and where you sit on the topic.


Let us know in the comments which of the four phases of business you currently find yourself in!

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