More and more busy moms are looking for part-time gigs to bring in extra money. The good news: There are more ways to get in on the action and find one that works for your lifestyle. 

Because let’s face it — being a mom (or dad) is GREAT, but it doesn’t pay very well (financially), right? 

And even if you’re bringing home a steady paycheck, it might not be as big—or your work as fulfilling—as you’d like. That’s why more and more moms are looking for businesses to bring in extra money, and the good news is there are more ways than ever to cash in—even if you don’t think you have the time (or energy!).


→ Seventy percent of moms with kids under 18 work, and more than 75 percent of those moms work full time. 

→ Mothers are the primary or sole earners for 74 percent of U.S. households with children under 18.

Making money while you’re parenting requires work that accommodates the demands of your busy life. And what we’ve learned as parents and network marketing professionals over the years is that there are ways to manage (or balance) both. 

For the most part, we work from our phones with thousands of people worldwide. 

→ We found a way to turn our scrolling into profits — profits that busy moms (and dads) can take advantage of too! 

→ We want to share a few tips with you for those busy moms (and dads) working from home. 


First and foremost, establish a morning routine.

This should look the same every single morning with few exceptions, of course. It could include making your coffee, grabbing a shower, journaling or reading a devotional. Whatever your thing is — do that. Additionally, we use the morning to write out or review our to-do list. This list should be what you want to accomplish on that day (save the long lists for other productive times). 

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How you start your day will dictate the rest of your day, and enjoying these small moments in the morning is essential, in our opinion. Busy moms get caught up in making sure everyone else is ready to go and often set their needs aside. We want to encourage you to claim some of that goodness back. 


We know this may sound like we are contradicting ourselves, but if you can be consistent with your morning routine, you can afford to be flexible with your daily routine. But, of course, you’ll have to be – especially if your kids are home with you all day. But, of course, it also depends upon the age of your kids, right? 

Know that life will throw you curve balls that may contain meltdowns, groceries, or kids needing a little more attention — and that’s OK! As busy moms, we know this comes with the territory, and we roll with it. (it’s why that morning routine is so important!)


Social media is a big part of our work, as is email, and both are easy to get sucked into for longer than necessary. So we set timers. Thirty minutes on the clock for social media posts and responses, 30 minutes for email, 75 minutes for writing, program creation, video recording, etc. 

It’s a great tool to stay focused. This timer routine is repeated throughout the day, but we have found that sticking to these time blocks frees up a ton of productive and family time! 

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Depending on your work schedule and the age of your kids, arrange for different activities such as games, puzzles, activity boxes, etc., that require minimal adult supervision. This way, you can get down to business even when it’s not nap or bedtime (although those are GREAT quiet moments!). 

Be communicative with your kids that you have some things you need to work on, and now they have their projects too! Busy moms and dads are incredibly flexible with juggling all extracurricular stuff. So bring that creativity into your home too! 

As parents, we know that feeling of wanting what’s best for our kids, and it’s why working from home has been a massive blessing with a lot of lessons along the way. 

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busy moms working from home

We would LOVE to connect with you if we can help you by creating those exceptional work from home moments or showing you how we get it done with our business. Busy moms and dads need to stick together, right? 


If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Facebook Group — Networkers Hangout — This is a place for network marketers who want to learn how to use social media the right way to grow their business! Or in the mean time, learn a little bit more about who we are and why, we believe in ‘Breathing Life into People‘.

We Believe in You ♥️

tips for busy moms working from home
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