Visualization is seen as one of the most powerful mind exercises, and it is based on the law of attraction. We tend to attract anything that we focus our attention on (be it on a conscious or subconscious level). Therefore, visualization is excellent for both professional and personal aspects of life. Are you thinking about creating a vision board? Or have you done one before? 

When you create one, visualize your ideal life and what motivates you to work towards it. Vision boards can also help you stay positive and motivated during more challenging times. So why doesn’t everyone have one, right?! 

How to Create a Vision Board for your Business

Creating a vision board is easier than it may seem. To make one, you don’t have to be an artist or a DIY guru. 

First, we recommend you review your business goals list to see which ones you want to include on your board. For example, if you have a team or work primarily for yourself, it may make sense to add personal goals related to your business to the board. 

Once you know what you want to accomplish throughout the year (or quarter), find photos or text to represent those goals.

We still prefer to do this as a tangible vision board activity — but there are many great options if you’d like to create one online. Additionally — consider jumping on a zoom with your teams and making It something you all do together. This is an excellent idea for getting them done, BUT it can also create great discussions and team culture goodness. 

Also, our vision boards overlap in our goals — personal, professional, health and wellness, etc. whereas others like to create ones for each goal area; the BEST part? It’s entirely up to you. There aren’t any actual rules when making one — just some guidelines to help get you started.

Think and Dream BIG. 

Allow yourself to be creative. 

Get it done! 

Suggestions for Supplies

As mentioned above, there aren’t any ‘rules’ when it comes to creating your vision board, but here are a few suggestions for supplies to help get you started;

  1. corkboard, pinboard, or poster board
  2. double-sided tape, glue stick, push pins
  3. magazines, printable quotes or images, personal photos
  4. pens, markers, sparkles/glitter 

… and your time and imagination!

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Set the Mood

Do yourself a favor and shut off all distractions. You may enjoy a playlist to get you in the right mood or company! We suggest leaving the television off or multi-tasking this project. Your dreams and goals deserve the focus, and your vision board does too. 

What do you do with it once it’s done?

Hang it where you will see it; 

  • bedroom
  • bathroom
  • kitchen fridge
  • home office. 

Wherever makes the most sense for you as a daily reminder of what you are working towards. Something we have found helpful in past is taking a picture of the completed vision board and saving it to our phones or computers; this is an excellent option for you, too, since we spend a TON of time on both.

Seeing your vision board will help you passionately connect with your goals (this is a big deal). It can help you notice opportunities or imagine what something may feel like. If you get fired up and passionate about something, it will likely cause you to take action. 


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We Believe in You ♥️

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