Content is King, right? But in order to attain that level of ‘kingdom’ when it comes to your content — you need to be speaking to the right people. In this post (and video) we are going to share with you some of the strategies we use to ensure we are writing content that is specific to our audiences. These are things you will be able to implement into your content as early as today and, start seeing better results.

First things first when it comes to writing your content …. WHO are you speaking to? If you answered ‘everybody’ … we have some work to do!

We appreciate everyone might be suitable for your products, services or opportunities BUT … narrow those people down. Who is in your IDEAL demographic? Who do you typically connect best with? You might be familiar by now with the term ‘customer avatar‘ and we STRONGLY encourage you to create one immediately. In the event you need help doing so, please don’t hesitate to connect with us and we’re happy to help you do that.

Why? Well .. not only do we love to serve but we love to see people winning all around and we KNOW it starts with a customer avatar.

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Writing Content that is Specific to your Audience

OK, let’s start with a quick activity — one you can start now and finish later or, just jam on it right now!

Get out a piece of paper and write at the top of the page ‘known as’ or ‘aspire to be’ .

When you’re making this list, brain dump — write down absolutely everything that comes to mind. This way, every single thing you write, shared or do a Facebook Live on — is related to this list. 

Here are a few examples of things we have on our lists:

  1. Loves family
  2. God first
  3. Funny, loves humor
  4. Encourager 
  5. Tacos (if you’re not following Tony’s taco journey — you need to!) 

Having this list, it will help keep you in alignment with writing content specific to your audience (aka ideal customers). Additionally, these are what attracts people to you that will connect with you the most. This helps people stay connected whereas when you over think the process or copy others, this takes away from your authenticity. BE AUTHENTIC.

After your brain dump, write down your top five words or phrases that you connect with the most. 

The things you feel that are totally YOU and the way others may already see you.

Consider these things to be your five anchors in relation to ANY content you’re putting out there. This includes; 

  1. Stories 
  2. Reels
  3. Posts
  4. Videos 

One great way to see this type of strategy in action is to connect with and follow others who are in the same type of space that you are or aspiring to be in. Watch where their engagement happens or heck where you connect most and then, put your own spin on it.

Be very aware of what others in your niche or interest space are doing and roll with it while making it your own. 

Drop us a few example of what you have down on your list — have you found a customer avatar helpful? Start writing content specific to your audience it is a GAME CHANGER!


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