Are you looking to recruit more people into your business? 

Remember, if you are looking to grow your network marketing business and you hear the word recruiting, we want you to look at it in the world of customers AND distributors. 

Too often, people get so focused on recruiting business builders that your customer growth is equally as important. 

(Note: if your company doesn’t consider both sides of a compensation plan — we should talk) So now you’re probably wondering what is this ONE word we’re referring to, right? Well, that word would be FRIENDSHIP. 


Instead of saying to yourself, ‘how can I recruit more people into my business instead, start asking yourself how you can go out and make more friends. We believe that every person you meet with either enriches your life or you will enrich theirs. 

And the only way that the enrichment can happen is through genuine conversations without any agenda attached. For the most part, most of the people who have partnered with us in business were through relationships and friendships we had both cultivated and nurtured over the years. 

They have led us to amazing people, and we would like to believe we have done the same for them. 


The first is to be authentic. Be who you are and accept others as they are. It’s easy to create a false persona, especially online, but that is not the way to start a relationship, and short-lived in a business world. 

The following way to recruit more people with friendship is to identify shared goals and values. We seek out people we like to share similar goals and values with. Are they honest, kind, knowledgeable, helpful? How do they treat others? And so on. When you share common morals with others and where your goals align — you’re in the right place. 

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. We are human, and sometimes that means sharing and supporting people through difficulty, challenge and change. Showing our vulnerability is part of our authenticity and allows an opportunity for you to connect on a much deeper level. 

People love to FEEL that you have their backSo let people know that you have their back as a way of showing loyalty to them. This can happen in various ways, but the simplest way is to show up. 


The greatest compliment in business is a referral, right? We should be thoughtful, have the right motives and connect people for the right reasons. Not all referrals will work out since it takes two to make it happen and work, but an introduction can go a long way. Want to recruit more people through openings? Introduce them to others you’re working with — this helps develop team culture. 

Now, this next tip on recruiting more people into your business is a tougher one; let go of your expectations. Always go into friendships with an open mind, realistic expectations and never assume. People are only who we think they are based on our interactions with them. One of the best pieces of advice we got from a mentor many years ago was: accept the way people are not as you want them to be.

Offer before asking. When we educate, help and inspire others with our experiences and expertise, we are building the foundation for trust that underlies long-lasting friendships. When we create content, speak from the stage, do a workshop, a webinar, go to events, etc., we are serving and helping. 


As we mentioned above, we believe we meet people who will enrich our lives or vis versa — keep this in the forefront of your mind and you will recruit more people, generate more leads and create a ton of amazing friendships along the way. 


If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Facebook Group — Influencers Hangout — This is a place for network marketers who want to learn how to use social media the right way to grow their business! Or in the meantime, learn a little bit more about who we are and why we believe in ‘Breathing Life into People‘.

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