Completely untapped territory. This is probably the best way to describe this Facebook feature. It amazes us how many people have just skipped this in their marketing efforts. We believe, that this Facebook Gem is a huge difference maker. It is quick and easy to use, adds flavor to posts and is a great way to grab some engagement from your audience/viewers.

So, similarly to the Instagram Stories blog we shared recently, let’s dive into the power behind this Facebook Gem.

Boost your Content Marketing with this Facebook Gem

If you’re already using platforms like Snapchat or Instagram, you’re probably familiar with the idea of Stories. Photo or video feeds belonging to users that can be updated throughout the day.

Uploaded images and videos give viewers an inside look into a picture book like narrative. And, these videos and images can be enhanced with filters, stickers, text, GIFs and more.

However, after 24 hours, each piece of the story disappears. You could look at this as a means to make way for others.

Facebook Stories has prime real estate when it comes to positioning.

They are right at the top of the mobile app. And for desktop or laptop users it can be found at the top on the right hand side.

Users can either click on them, scroll through or whip past them, but they can’t make them go away. In other words, stories are free advertising in one of the most viewed places and, on the most used app in the world.

Take a look at the stories that show up on your own phone.

Go ahead.

You’ll probably notice that there aren’t many there, and we’d bet there are hardly any from brands or businesses. The overall adoption of the Stories feature has been slower on Facebook than on Snapchat or Instagram. Now, the lower contributors to Facebook Stories, could be based on an older demographic than on Instagram or Snapchat.

Having said that, the demographic on Facebook is also the buyers or spenders – perhaps some more lived experience (and expenses). These are great demographics for viewers – that is what you want to tap into.

How to Create a Facebook Story

As mentioned above, you will see the Facebook Stories (circles) at the top of your mobile screen. The circle to the furthest left, will have a little + sign for you to click on.

It is then, you can take a picture or video live. Alternatively, you can upload an existing picture.

Facebook Stories has tons of filters and animations you can add to your images or video – use them! These are great attention grabbing details that you do not want to overlook. Here’s the deal too, experiment – try it out! This feature has a ratio of users (creators) to viewers like no other platform. People are watching 10X more than others are creating.

Something to keep in mind as well, is presently Facebook Stories are only seen by those who are friends or follow you. Meaning, it can’t be found the same way Instagram stories can be (yet). So, this is a prime opportunity to connect with those who are already in your warm or lukewarm market.

Curiosity stories or behind the scenes are some of the greatest ones to start with!

Marketing with this Facebook Gem

Let’s start with attracting potential customers. Before and After’s might be a great approach to the Facebook Stories. In fact, take it a step further and even demonstrate your product or service. Skin care is your deal? Great! Start with a cleansing clip or how to apply moisturizer.

Jewellery? Perfect – demonstrate some of your pieces, create a mini photoshoot with your products.

Health and Wellness – share daily tips or take us on a workout even.

Whatever your business is, you can market it here fast and effectively.

Now, let’s consider attracting potential business partners. Facebook Stories is such a duplicable process that this can be attractive to people considering your business. Additionally, Facebook stories are a great way to share business tips, show off a little lifestyle (keep it authentic though), and more.

This Facebook Gem has so much potential just floundering there.

One of our favorite ways to use Facebook Stories is storytelling. You’ve heard a thousand times before – Facts Tell and Stories Sell. Because Facebook is a social platform, people love to know what you are up to – so give it to them.

Give people a little more insight on your day to day activities, things that make you laugh, your children, a great book and really, the possibilities are endless.

More Ideas for Facebook Stories Content

  • Share behind the scenes
  • Highlight event, webinar, course, takeaways
  • Deliver business tips
  • Direct audience to check out your post or video
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Before and Afters
  • Tutorials
  • Exclusive Announcements for your audience
  • Have fun!

… and all things in between.

And, a great piece of this hidden (aka underused)  Facebook gem is it will tell you who is viewing your stories and your viewers can simply hit reply or send an emoji and boom! instant message.

Imagine all the private messages you can start having – and ones you didn’t initiate except through quality Facebook Stories.

Do us a favor … make sure you’re connected with us on Facebook and let us know when you’ve tested out this Facebook gem. And, if you would like more information or strategies around this topic – let us know in the comments!


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Choose to Shine,

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