Think about the last time you called your mobile phone company. Was it a call you dreaded making? Probably, because as consumers we have almost become to expect, bad service. The truth is, we remember (and repurchase from) businesses who help us feel special, right? Now, think about your customers. What would they say about you? We want to help you have your customers fall in love with you and in turn, your business.

Customers, are our bread and butter. And despite knowing this, too many businesses overlook showing them the care and concern we believe, they deserve.

When someone experiences great customer care — they share it with others.

It helps them feel welcomed to your brand and more often than not, they will revisit because of the way you made them feel. Making your customers fall in love with you is key to solid reorder rates, great retention and a strong business foundation overall.

Make Customers Fall in Love with you and your Business

Are you familiar with the phrase patience is a virtue? Would you be surprised if we suggested that this applies to your customers?

Truth is, they won’t always love what we do, sell or offer … however, when you are able to;

  1. be patient with their questions or concerns
  2. direct them to great resources
  3. offer solutions

… this will help tremendously.

Helps them feel heard, understood and frankly — cared for.

Take the time to learn about them

Once you know what your customers want, you can give it to them. You can better position your business to attract and in turn keep, your ideal customers and clients.

When customers get what they desire/need, they’ll be happier — and, happy customers are GREAT customers.

Don’t be afraid to get personal …

Customers want you to feel their pain. Get good at acknowledging their feelings and if needed, accept responsibility. People can be very forgiving if you acknowledge how they feel and give them credibility.

Don’t run from the problem, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Remember, as long as you practice doing the very best that you can for them, that’s what matters. Customers fall in love with products and services sure, but when they fall in love with you everything else, becomes secondary.

This is especially true when you are operating any type of relationship business like, network marketing.

Make yourself available to them

Now, this does not mean you’re available 24/7 but it should mean they can expect to hear from you within 24-48 hours max.

And, to avoid any disappointment in this area let your customers know your availability.

Perhaps you have regularly scheduled business hours which makes things a little easier. If you don’t, set the expectation from the beginning.

You will be thankful you did. Additionally, let your customers know your preferred method of communication and find out theirs. Meet them where you can — email, phone, messaging, etc.

If you work for/with a larger company, also make sure you customer has access to those phone numbers and emails as well in the event they need an answer sooner than later. An informed customer is a happy one!

Want your customers to fall in love with you? Love them!

Sounds so simple, right? Well good because it is! When we show our customers a little love it goes a long way!

There are several ways we check in with our customers;

  1. voice messaging
  2. phone calls
  3. emails
  4. thank you cards
  5. birthday wishes

… and we encourage you to do what best fits your business and, making sure it’s something you can be consistent with. Think about the way you love on a new team member — why would our customers be any different?

What are you doing to help your customers fall in love with you? Let us know in the comments!

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