How to Deal With a Negative Team Member

When you don’t address negativity in your business, it will spread among your team. This leads us to this post on the best way to handle a negative team member in your business.  The first thing you need to do when you see negativity happening you have to address it with that person.  We can’t […]

6 Reasons Why Your Patience in Business Wins Every Time

[Sarah here] We often do these blogs together, but I want to share something from my heart today. So, gave Tony the day off, you could say. But, as many of you know our story already, there are pieces that we don’t share. And this is one of them. Patience was not my friend.   […]

Emotional Intelligence | Effective Communication

Over last last few weeks we’ve touched on the importance of emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs. There are a variety of ways this matters, and that we will continue to cover over the next several weeks. This post however, we are going to talk about how it relates to effective communication (and vis versa) To succeed […]

What Michael Phelps Can Teach Us About Business

In this post we’re going to share with you what we believe Michael Phelps can teach you (because he did us) about business. See, in competitive sports great coaches know that going back to basics, the simple things, doing them day-in and day-out and doing them well, is one of the keys to creating a […]

9 Must Needed Traits to Spark Your Influence

Spark your influence, what does this mean anyway? Well, influence is gained from a persons ability to to inspire others around them. Despite what others may have you believe, it’s not done through coercion or ill intention (that’s called manipulation). And, we’re often left wondering how to create influence, right? Is there some magic course […]

What Orangetheory Fitness Taught Me About Mentorship

[Sarah here] Earlier this week I was at Orangetheory Fitness where Tony and I attend regularly. Have to get that physical activity in! Anyone who’s done this workout, knows, it’s a HARD but feels so good, right? Anyways, when I was there recently I was taken back by the powerful lesson it taught me in […]

Most Entrepreneurs Start Their Business From Home

Fun fact for you today: 70% of entrepreneurs start their business from home. Sounds crazy, right? But the reality is, it’s the most cost effective way to get started. And it also allows them continue working a job if that’s their thing because, we all start somewhere. So, whether you are looking at starting a […]

The 12 Best Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2019

Starting a business can be an overwhelming time for most. In some ways, helps sum up the highs and lows for entrepreneurs in general! Recently, we compiled a list of out top used (and recommended) apps for entrepreneurs and felt we needed to expand that list a wee bit. So today, we have for you […]

Write Instagram Captions That Convert Into Sales

It’s no secret that Instagram has come a long way from a simple photo uploading and sharing site. In fact, Instagram is holding its own against platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. However, you may have mastered the consistent sharing and taking great photos but Instagram captions are a huge piece of this sales conversion puzzle. […]

Nurturing Great Leadership Skills in Network Marketing

Network marketing. The name itself can elicit a variety of different emotions for people, right? Depending who you speak to or mention those 2 words to the responses are typically the same. They either had a great experience or know someone who did or, the exact opposite. So we believe a lot of this misconception […]