Most of us, find ourselves in virtual work mode. And, for many this is nothing out of the ordinary, right? However, for many other people who thrive on proximity through events, meetings and so on, we can find ourselves in a challenging time. Virtual team building activities can help promote that culture even from miles and miles away.

In this post, we’re going to suggest 5 team building activities that you can host virtually with your teams. Whether you are a team of 2 or a team of thousands we think you’ll find these to be a ton of fun. And, when people are having fun — people are productive.

The camaraderie that is felt to be lacking due to distance learning, building and growing can be created online. Sure, it might look a little different but, people will always remember how you make them feel.

Virtual Team Building Activities to Grow Stronger Teams

Although nothing will truly replace the face-to-face interactions we believe giving these a shot can make a huge difference. And who knows, maybe they will be something you will continue in future as well. Learning how to create that high-touch experience, even from afar, can be a great strategy.

Think about what a successful team looks like (for you). Typically there is that spark that you can’t quite describe but you feel it. There’s some great communication, high energy and this way of just jammin’ together that works. And, works really well.

Although virtual teams don’t share the same physical space, as a great leader you can help create those same things you LOVE about your teams energy, virtually. It will take some practice but we think you’ll find people on board to help you make it happen.

If you provide an environment where they can communicate and collaborate freely – helped by remote team building activities – they will eventually form strong team builds.

Business to Community

Who doesn’t love Campfire Chatter?

We can’t speak for every person however, there’s something special for us getting around a fire, maybe roasting marshmallows and sharing is laughs, music and overall a great time. Consider creating this same vibe, virtually. Now, you may be missing the fire pit but, here are a few suggestions to create this same vibe virtually.

  1. Mail a small fire pit kit to your team members (marshmallows and camp fire scented candles
  2. Hop on a zoom (or other virtual meeting platforms) dim the lights and create the scene
  3. Reach out to team members who are musically inclined and ask them to strum a tune or sing a great song
  4. Share stories, challenges, jokes, triumphs, etc.

Believe it or not, there are companies out there who have adapted well to the world climate who help you plan this very thing. Whether you choose to use them or not, this is absolutely something you could create as a virtual team building activity.

Coffee Time & Water Cooler Roundup

Coffee, hot tea, water — anything works. Consider scheduling a daily or weekly virtual check in with your teams. This will give people an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. These don’t need to be a long session — even 15 minutes can be very effective.

See, back and forth in messenger or via email can feel monotonous in a lot of ways. It’s something you are probably doing all the time anyway, right? So shoot an invite out to your teams and create that roundup virtually. Invite them to show up in their PJ’s with their favorite morning beverage and create some conversation.

You could use these at short, actionable strategy sessions however, consider using these blocks of time solely for creating that connection through a friendly smile and maybe a mug competition? (pun intended!)

Virtual team building activities

Two Truths and a Lie

This virtual team building activity can bring around a lot of laughs and, a great way to encourage team members to open up about themselves too. The idea behind this game, is that in turn, team members share two truths about themselves and one lie.

Then, it’s up to the group to decide which is the lie.

Might sound like a silly childlike game but, nostalgia is pretty magical too so why not tap into that?

Virtual Show and Tell

Show and Tell is one of those simple virtual team building activities that promotes public speaking skills and some storytelling. Have each of your team members share something personal about their lives – this is also an excellent way to build meaningful connections.

To do Virtual Show and Tell, you can ask your team members to prepare a quick story in advance, or do a more spontaneous “grab something nearby” approach. We recommend the latter option, as it encourages quick and creative thinking.

Ask them to share a story about that object. Nothing formal but you might be surprised with that people can come up with on the spot. Learning more about your team will only foster deeper connections and meaningful growth.

Pass Around the World Challenge

You may have seen this challenge make its way on social media for a variety of different brands, groups, communities, etc.

Pass Around the World is a virtual team activity where you record a video together. The goal is for the first person to move a common object across the screen that then interacts with the next person’s screen.

For example, if you had a water bottle then you could pour water off the screen that fills a glass on the receiver’s end. The receiver then does some action that interacts with the next person.These are a ton of fun to create and require very little editing skills (this is always a plus!)

Overall, the main purpose of these virtual team building activities are to connect with your teams — even from afar. We could get hung up on the same dialogue of ‘I can’t wait to see you and hang out again‘ but, what purpose will that truly serve your organization? We would love to know which one of these you implement and let us know how they go!

Do you have other activities you have found work really well virtually? Let us know — we’d love to try out your ideas too!


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