Entrepreneurship is hard. Being an influencer is tough. Becoming a leader takes work. But guess what? It is all worth it. That doesn’t mean however that it won’t take you into some dark times — just keeping it real. In this post we want to give you some strategies to help you not fall victim to your circumstances.

It’s very easy for people to put the blame on current circumstances and use them as an excuse for why they can’t do something or haven’t achieved a particular goal or dream.

We all have those stories, right? And we won’t bore you with ours because the truth is they don’t have any influence on where we are today. What we have learned to do is understand that those moments, you know the ugly ones, were lessons we needed.

They were circumstances we needed to go through, to GROW through.

7 Ways to Stop Being a Victim to your Circumstances

Deep down inside, most of us know that we arrived on in this world with amazing capabilities. The great ones among us  believed that they were put on this earth to do something wonderful with their lives.

They had a vision of something greater or better than their current circumstances.

What about you?

So, what would it take to empower you to stick with your dreams and no longer be a victim of circumstances?


Have a sense of a bigger destiny. A conviction that you are only limited by the thoughts you think and the beliefs that hold you back. In this, you’ll begin to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Handle the Rejection

When you’re not getting the responses you’d hoped for, don’t assume no one cares. Look for 2 or 3 other reasons why things didn’t work out the way you wanted. You’ll feel much happier (sounds a little odd, but once we remove the feeling of being personal attacked or rejected — it is easier).

Be your Best

You need to have desires that draw out of you the very best that’s inside you. Working towards big dreams creates a sense of mastery. It begins with a notepad, a pen, and of course — YOU.

Be open to being Wrong

Far too often we’re in a fight to be right. Yet the willingness to be wrong is one of the greatest means of growth. It helps us increase our level of awareness as we learn different perspectives or opinions.

Become an Influencer

Find the best in yourself and promote and encourage its growth. Believe the best in others. Lead by example. Show them the way.

Quit Underestimating Yourself

Nothing makes life more difficult than a habit of overestimating the problem facing us and underestimating our ability to handle it. If you practice thinking that what you have to do is easy, regardless of how it appears, you’ll find it becomes what you think.

Develop your Confidence

To develop a solid self confidence, how you see yourself is critical. Think of yourself as a leader, and you’ll do what leaders do. No more falling victim to your circumstances. When you’re inspiring others to be the best they can be your self confidence will flourish as a result.

We are what we make of our lives.

We are the sum of our actions, thoughts and output that we produce from our brains.


We are opportunities and potential.

And, we are journeying down the path towards a thing called success.

We are that person that refuses to settle.

To always be an adventure and jump even when it’s scary.

To do the things that we need to do in order to achieve what we want to achieve.

Love ourselves and do right by us, for us.

First and always.

So work with what life gives you — even when it seems like an ugly or unfortunate deal.

Because that’s how lives are impacted and how the things that never change, change.

The moment you stop playing the game of life is the moment you lose the potential to gain a new hand.

The upper hand. A hand full of aces.

So play. Make it to the next. At some point, you’ll eventually figure it all out and win.

We hope you found this post helpful and we would LOVE to connect with you in the comments about it.


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victim to your circumstances

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