Using Facebook groups for business has a considerable advantage over Facebook pages. Especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The primary goal of every business is to have a targeted audience to ease a conversation into, right? Well, Facebook groups help attract a high level of engagement and promote the business in a way desired by the entrepreneur.

Even, when the group is not your own.

See, when people hear ‘Facebook Groups for business‘ initially, they feel this immediate urge to create one. However, what we want to share in this post is how you can gain influence and create impact simply through joining existing groups.

How to Choose Which Facebook Groups for Business

Before you go out and join hundreds of Facebook Groups, you will want to narrow down a few things first. And, having a current customer avatar or buyer persona will help. (if you need help with this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!)

Because, this will help dictate which types of groups you should consider joining. Additionally, when you’re just starting with this strategy — we would encourage you to join a maximum of 5. You can always scale up later.

When creating or reviewing your buyer persona focus on a few key things;

  1. What do they do for entertainment
  2. Which books or publications are they consuming
  3. What are their passions
  4. Identify their needs/your solutions (skin care, health, cable, coaching, etc.)

When you have a clear answer for these few questions, identify what types of Facebook Groups are out there that fall under these types of categories. You will want to think outside the box.

Quick Question Summary (and why you should care)

Question 1 – what commonalities in your customers/prospects do you share? Find groups that align with you and where you may find your prospects.

Entertainment can encompass hobbies, movies, social gatherings, etc.

When you join groups that fit into part of your life, it allows you to speak passionately and more than likely stay engaged.

Question 2 – knowing what types of books and publications people consume is powerful. These answers can often speak to education levels, personal or professional interests, areas of need or passion, etc.

If they are people who love self-help, find groups that align with that. Or, perhaps they love reading about health and nutrition – boom! Facebook groups for that too! Think outside the box on this one especially … brainstorm a bit on how these readers can benefit from what you offer. And more importantly how you can enhance the current dialogue.

Question 3 – passions. Well, how important is this answer when you are looking to offer solutions! Knowing what others are passionate about can help you frame conversations. It allows you to tug on those emotional strings a little bit and speak to things that matter to them.

Question 4 – your solutions should feed their needs. When joining different Facebook groups of interest to your ideal client or customer make sure you have a solution that will fit what they’re looking for.

If this is a health focused group, what products or services do you have in your arsenal that will help them? Focus on their needs first.

Taking the Questions to Action

Now that you’ve identified the ideal customer/client, and you’ve identified how you can help them — search for groups where you can bring this value.

Please note: This does NOT mean join the groups and advertise your products and services! Start with these tips first;

  1. Make a post to introduce yourself to the group
  2. Scroll the group and find posts that you can bring value
  3. Answer posed questions and/or share insight
  4. Love on other people!

… or as we like to say breathe life into them.

When you bring value and a genuine care or concern for people — they notice.

They notice and generally become curious enough to click your profile and check you out. But before you get there you need to give them something worth checking out, right?

Use Facebook groups as a platform for you to share your knowledge and expertise … this in turn will help edify you and help you turn cold relationships into warm ones.


If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Facebook Group — Influencers Hangout — This is a place for network marketers who want to learn how to use social media the right way to grow their business! Or in the mean time, learn a little bit more about who we are and why, we believe in ‘Breathing Life into People‘.

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