It is estimated that in 2022, Content Marketing will be an industry worth $400 Billion. So, let’s get clear on this. If you are not delivering content consistently, you are missing out. This is the reason we continue to come back to this topic. Content has proven to be one of the most significant obstacles for entrepreneurs to stay consistent with. We get it. We were there too. However, once you start tapping into goodies at your fingertips – the game changes. Meet user-generated content.

Probably among the most solid, innovative, relevant and niche-specific content available. Today we want to dive into what this looks like. And how you can learn to maximize and monetize it.

User-Generated Content

We posted a blog about our Top 7 Places to find Content. Among these, we touched on user-generated content. Where today, we want to dive a little deeper. There are a few reasons for this;

  1. It is a strategy we teach our clients and partners
  2. User-generated content has created an astounding amount of leads for us personally
  3. We believe anyone can master this strategy
  4. It helps entrepreneurs stay consistent
  5. Ensures relevant content is delivered to your respective audiences

To help us illustrate this, think of an occasion you read a great post on Facebook. One that you felt related to you. Perhaps it pulled at your heartstrings or helped you solve a problem. This could range from anything like a DIY post or even a Netflix suggestion. So take a moment to do this.

What was the Author Doing for you?

In short, the author of that post was filling a void or a need. Whether they knew it or not – their post helped you somehow. If you had a similar need, would you be likely to return to that page? Of course, you would!

Now, let’s take that same approach to those who comment on your current content or slide it into your inbox.

Jot down the questions people are asking you. Are they;

  1. Business-related
  2. Parenting related
  3. Living clean related
  4. Travel related

… and so on? Become conscious of why people are connecting and/or reaching out to you. There is a reasonable probability that these people make up a general idea of your current demographic. This next part is helpful if you can use a real example of our own.

teach enforce advocate model

Let’s get Busy

This small activity – where we will give our example – can be applied to whatever audience question you grabbed from your timeline. We would love to help you through this; make sure you’re plugged into our Free Facebook Community for Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers.

Example: We did a post on being able to travel the world with our business.

Comment from someone in our audience: Where has been your favorite place to travel?

Post for the following day: We were asked a great question yesterday about our favorite place to travel. So, we decided to share a quick story of our travels to … [post continues].

We topped up the post with our favorite things that we ate there, saw there, and why it was special. Then, finally, we added a gorgeous picture we took and described the moment a little deeper.

Now you probably wonder why this is helpful for your business, right?

Well, one thing we know about social media audiences is they like to feel heard. As a result of feeling listened to, they are more likely to trust you and, in turn — buy from you. You can use the same formula when crafting a business post. Let’s assume someone asks you about a great cleaning product that is non-toxic. They are asking you because you posted a curious style post the previous week.

Well, bingo! Now you can preface your post with someone who asked me more about ‘XYZ last week, so I wanted to share more about other ways I use it. Or, share more info on how to get some yourself.

  1. Answer the question in a post
  2. Give it some substance – tell a short story
  3. Pair it with something personal
  4. End it with a question or CTA
  5. Use images or videos where appropriate

This formula works with all styles of posts, too; text, image, video or a hybrid of them all!

Experiment with your format but keep the question at the forefront of the value you deliver. This will also subconsciously prompt others to ask more questions of you when they realize you are going to overdeliver on your answer.

Have you used this user-generated content creation before? Let us know if this was helpful and if you would love more step-by-step breakdowns like this one!


If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Facebook Group — Influencers Hangout — This is a place for network marketers who want to learn how to use social media the right way to grow their business! Or in the meantime, learn a little bit more about who we are and why we believe in ‘Breathing Life into People‘.

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