Time is golden. We only get 24 hours a day, so, maximizing every second is critical, especially for entrepreneurs. Including those who are busy scaling growth in their businesses. But, how can you be effective with your time management strategies if there are so many things that require your attention?

Can you ever have enough time as a business owner?

Our answer is yes! So, let’s not waste anymore of your time and share with you some highly effective tips (right on time for the holidays!)

6 Time Management Strategies for Busy Business Owners

As entrepreneurs and business owners, you are your own boss, right?

It may sound exciting (and is) but honestly, it also means that you have to manage your resources effectively.

And one of the most important resources that we often neglect is time. Let’s help you shape your current habits to work best for you.

Daily To-Do Lists

One of the best shifts we made was avoiding using the same to-do list day after day. We have found that creating a new one — including your tabled items of course — each day, has helped us become more efficient. Ever feel like your to-do list just isn’t getting shorter? A lot of times it’s because we overlook the simple tasks or avoid the bigger ones.

By prioritizing your list each day, you will find that you are tackling your tasks more effectively thus, creating more time for yourself (or other projects).

Put a Time Limit on your Time

Another one of our time management strategies is being specific on how much time you are spending on your activities. If you have a scheduled phone call, great — 5 minutes. Perhaps it’s a Zoom Conference, great — 30 minutes. The goal here, is to help you avoid spending too much time on tasks and keeping you accountable to the time scheduled.

Most clients and/or customers will respect your timing. Simply let them know ahead of time that you have ‘x‘ amount of time so let’s dive in. Setting a timer for yourself can also be beneficial. Be intentional — your time is money after all!

time management strategies

Leverage Technology to Save you Time

The next of our time management strategies is leveraging technology. Most things these days especially, can be automated. For example;

  1. Bills
  2. Scheduling content on social platforms
  3. Setting important reminders
  4. Time tracking

and so on. Anywhere you can automate, even the little things, will add up over time. Not to mention keep you on track. If you’d like ideas for these time trackers or reminders we use — just let us know in the comments.

‘Just in Time’ Learning

Entrepreneurs, need to be at the top of their game, right? Learning new things, taking note of market news, reading about latest technologies they may affect their business, and current trends in their industry.

However, too often, you can lose considerable time in reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, and listening to podcasts.

This is where the idea of just-in-time learning comes in.

When you’re faced with a project that requires you to research and level up your knowledge, make sure you only spend time on stuff that can help you complete your next few tasks. Anything else that might be important can wait. Bookmark them for later or use apps like Pocket or Evernote to save as well!

Don’t Shy Away from Naps

We know, we know this sounds totally counter-productive. However, studies show us time and time again that adequate rest can and will, improve our performance. And, like our other time management strategies — set a time limit on these naps as well.

When you feel well rested, you will be more productive. You may even consider scheduling a nap (or time to rest) in your day and make it non-negotiable. Humans, go through a sleep cycle over a 90 minute period. Now, we’re not totally suggesting you schedule 90 minutes of your day for napping however, allow at least 45 minutes to take a time out.

Outsource and Delegate

Even when automate many tasks, as a business owner, you will not be able to handle everything else on your own. You can become more productive by delegating specific tasks.

It is essential to outsource and delegate where you are able. Activities like data capture, aspects of customer service, and administrative tasks can be outsourced at an affordable cost.

If you operate an online business but for example do not have the tech skills to create your website, you’ll save time by hiring someone to do it for you. Bootstrapping is admirable for sure – but at what cost?

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