I don’t have enough time. There are not enough hours in the day. Time is running out. I am always late. Do any of these lines sound familiar to you? Perhaps you have even said them yourself? Chances are pretty good — given that time  (or lack thereof) is one of the most common ‘reasons’ people have for not doing something, right? And so, today’s post is going to you some our best time management tips that anyone can implement.

Effective Time Management Equals Productivity

Whether we assign a dollar value to it or not, time is valuable, right?

Think about this ..

How much of your typical work week do you spend stressed about not having enough time to complete a task or reach a goal? Be honest with yourself about the answer.

There are a variety of ways that you can tackle the time management crisis and we hope you will gain some great insight and tools from this post and if you have others to add, we would love to hear them too. Regardless of what way we look at it, everyone is given the same amount of time — it’s what we do with the time we are allotted is where the difference happens.

When time is managed effectively, you will find that you can accomplish so much more in a day. In fact, we think you will even surprise yourself!

Managing your time, reduces stress.

When you lose control of your time, it is easy to end up feeling rushed and overwhelmed. And, when that happens, it can be hard to figure out how long it’s going to take to accomplish things.

Think of a time when you were about to miss a timeline or goal and were desperately trying to finish the project. If someone dumped a surprise on your desk at that moment and asked you how long it would take to finish the surprise task, how could you even begin to answer their question?

Learning to manage your time, you will no longer subject yourself to that level of stress.

You have a clearer picture of the demands on your time and overall it is better for your health.

Now, when you first start in network marketing it may be hard to gauge how long certain tasks will take you. And,  that’s OK. We are constantly adjusting and tweaking our schedules. You have to as new team members get on board, or we have new content to roll out, you simply adjust.

Would you agree with us that everyone can probably find 1 hour in a day?

With the right schedule in place, here are a handful of things you can complete in as little as that one hour;

  • Prospect, connect with new people and, get started on relationship building
  • Follow up with your potential orders or prospects
  • Invite people to a meeting, presentation, company call, webinar etc.
  • Hold a training session for your team
  • Get in your personal development be it reading, video or audio

Sounds like lot, right? Well, if each task was designated 12 minutes you would even have a couple minutes to spare! When you respect your time, others will too. Therefore, will understand when you only have a few minutes to check in or follow up. Team members will be prepared when you do connect because they know they too are on a time schedule.

More Time Management Tips for Network Marketers

(be sure to tune into the video for our Top 5 tips and hop back here for even more!)

Make a list. The list should include everything you want to get done that week. From the week, is where you can break it down into days, and from days into hours. We likely weekly goals because they are short enough to gauge effectiveness but long enough to develop a pattern.

Include everything you need to do, not just for your business.

Make sure they are written down; agenda, calendar, digital calendar, etc. Whatever the case is make sure it is noted somewhere. This will help you not only recall all of the tasks you want to accomplish but help you stay accountable to them too.

Next, prioritize your tasks.

Indicate which ones on your list are more important than others. These are the ones you cannot table until a later time. This priority list should be well balanced between your work, life, home and business tasks. Scheduling in time with your family for example, should be one of these priority tasks.

Focus on Income Producing Activities (IPA) for Time Management

In terms of your business, determine what the activities look like. They can include tasks such as;

  1. follow up messages/calls
  2. content planning/strategy
  3. Facebook Live/Facebook Stories 
  4. connecting with 10 new people every day
  5. initiating conversations with new connections

.. and the list goes on! If you are already building a business have a look at your current team and/or customers. Make note of where you met, how you met, etc. It is in this information that you can start to develop a profile of what your team or customers look like. Knowing this is powerful because you can circle back to these activities often.

Become part of a community or find an accountability partner.

Our Influencer Hangout, for example, has various check ins through the week to see where people are at. These opportunities are prime time to make note of the tasks you are working on, or the successes you have had through the week. These groups are also a great way to learn new ideas from others who are working on similar goals, and a great way to build on current strategies.

Online communities are sort of like the gym.

People will start to notice the days you aren’t there and, the days you are. Making a routine check in time certain days of the week will help you keep those days at the forefront of your priority list as well.

It is totally acceptable to be motivated by others, but don’t let others distract you!

What top time management tips have worked for you?


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Choose to Shine,

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