Does Your Network Marketing Story Stink?

First impressions mean a lot, right? So when we think about when we are prospecting someone, one of the main topics that come up is ‘how is business going for you?’. This can be tough when you’re first starting, especially if you feel your network marketing story stinks!  In today’s post, we want to help […]

Social Media Marketing Should Be a Priority for Network Marketers

Let’s be really honest here … marketing, and more specifically social media marketing isn’t going anywhere. One might even say that if you’re not on social media with your business — it’s a disservice. As many of our regular readers know, we only stepped into the social media world with intention, over the last few […]

Stop Stressing About Facebook Messenger | Here’s Why

Did you know you can send voice notes through Facebook messenger? We were shocked to realize how many people don’t realize the feature exists. And, people are almost always surprised when they hear it is how we build our business predominantly. How about the active friend numbers? So, in this post we want to give you the […]