Does Your Network Marketing Story Stink?

First impressions mean a lot, right? So when we think about when we are prospecting someone, one of the main topics that come up is ‘how is business going for you?’. This can be tough when you’re first starting, especially if you feel your network marketing story stinks!  In today’s post, we want to help […]

3 Steps to Getting Your Business in Great Shape

It’s probable that you could make your business more efficient today than it was yesterday, right? Perhaps you would like to trim the fat from your business to make it run more smoothly. You can whip your business into great shape with a few easy steps, but you must be willing to put in the […]

Targeting Pages of Influence Can Help Grow Your Business

If there’s one main thing that marketers (network marketing or otherwise) cannot ignore, it has to be engagement. Which is any type of action your friends or followers do on your Facebook page. This includes anything from commenting on a post to liking it. All of these things, contribute to the engagement of a page. In […]

How to Become an Influencer in Network Marketing

Without question, the term influencer has gained a ton of traction over the past couple years. As a result, it is a word people are almost hung up on. Whether it be how to attract and influencer or how to become one. To some degree, you need one without the other, right? And so, we can […]

Stop Stressing About Facebook Messenger | Here’s Why

Did you know you can send voice notes through Facebook messenger? We were shocked to realize how many people don’t realize the feature exists. And, people are almost always surprised when they hear it is how we build our business predominantly. How about the active friend numbers? So, in this post we want to give you the […]