5 Instagram Apps to Help Your Stories Stand Out

If you’re anything like us, you’re always seeking ways to help your brand, stand out. It’s no secret, and we’ve talked about it before — that the social media world is NOISY! However, your content may only require a few small tweaks to help you take it to the next level. That is the motivation […]

Write Instagram Captions That Convert Into Sales

It’s no secret that Instagram has come a long way from a simple photo uploading and sharing site. In fact, Instagram is holding its own against platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. However, you may have mastered the consistent sharing and taking great photos but Instagram captions are a huge piece of this sales conversion puzzle. […]

Social Media for Beginners | New School Marketing

If you are anything like us, you built your business offline (first). And then somewhere along the way you realized you had to make changes. In order to keep up with the time – you had to adopt social media into your marketing efforts. We chose to call it new school marketing in this post – for […]

Want to Learn How to Get More Views on Instagram Stories?

About 6 months ago, we posted a blog about effective strategies for Instagram. Specifically when being used for business. And, like most social media platforms they are evolving, right? So, we wanted to revisit the topic of Instagram and how to get more views on Instagram Stories. Why? well, stories have shown to be amazing […]

Working Without a System in Network Marketing Is Crazy!

5 years ago, we were so tired of everyone else getting ‘their shot‘. It feel like no matter what we did we were missing ours. And, if you can relate you know this can be so daunting when you put everything you have (and know) into something. You see, our system if you could call […]