7 Useful Apps for Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers

Technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs to accomplish things, right? Items like; daily routines, tasks, managing time more efficiently, and keeping track of something far more effectively. Now, apps and technology can have downtime, which is always frustrating. But, overall, they have helped us tremendously. We still love the ‘old-fashioned’ pen to paper in some […]

Facebook Messenger Strategies for Network Marketers

This blog is for the network marketer using (or would like to be using) Facebook for their business. A few of these Facebook Messenger strategies are geared toward those who operate a business page, so omit those as you go.  Please note that if you do not have a budget for ads, spend less time […]

Using Facebook Messenger to Grow Your Business

Want to learn how to grow you network marketing business using Facebook Messenger? Facebook prospecting is not sending friend requests to people and then instantly pitching them on your products or opportunity as soon as they accept. There’s so much more to it than that, starting with being a human first! In this post, you’re […]

Stop Stressing About Facebook Messenger | Here’s Why

Did you know you can send voice notes through Facebook messenger? We were shocked to realize how many people don’t realize the feature exists. And, people are almost always surprised when they hear it is how we build our business predominantly. How about the active friend numbers? So, in this post we want to give you the […]