Are You Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business?

If you have been in the entrepreneurial space on Facebook for a while, you may remember Facebook Pages. They went on to be called Fan Pages, Business Pages and a few other coined terms too. However, these used to be a go-to. You could almost always have counted on them to generate leads in some capacity. Not […]

How to Use Facebook Groups for Business

Using Facebook groups for business has a considerable advantage over Facebook pages. Especially for small business owners and network marketers.  The primary goal of every business is to have a targeted audience to ease a conversation into, right? Well, Facebook groups help attract a high level of engagement and promote the company in a way […]

How to Use Facebook Groups to Recruit More People

This post is ideal for anyone who is in the network marketing space and/or, those who are looking to grow a sales team in their respective industry.. And, we’re going to show you how to do that using Facebook Groups. Short story for you — we get asked all the time ‘how can I recruit […]