Successful Network Marketers Do This Every Day

A common saying identifies three types of people in this world – those who watch things happen, those who wonder what happened, and those who make things happen. Successful network marketers fall into the last category.  Network Marketers are the difference makers, visionaries, and change agents. They strive to make the world a better place […]

Become an Intentional Network Marketer

The word intention has been a trending one for some time now. You are delivering value with intention, creating content with intention, and being intentional with your time. And intentional in your relationships. But how does this all it with being an intentional network marketer?? In this post, we’ll share with you four key strategies we believe you […]

Lessons on Becoming an Entrepreneur via the Taco Truck

Ever think back to where your drive or ideology on becoming an entrepreneur came from? Can you picture Tony Zolecki on a taco truck? No seriously!  Tony was 15 and him and his mom found this old tool truck. You know, the ones that are typically driven around with tool sharpeners or ones where the tradesmen […]

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You Through Another’s Lens?

In today’s post, we want you to take a minute to try to look through the lens of someone in your network to envision how they see you. Think about what they see when they look at you. What type of entrepreneur are you when they look TO you? Are you positive and inspiring?  Do you […]

3 Things Incredible Entrepreneurs Never Do

Whether you are just starting out in business or a seasoned veteran chances are people have discussed all the things you should do. Meaning, the apps to use or content to cover that aligns with other incredible entrepreneurs. However, how often do people discuss the things you should not do? In some ways, that’s where […]