Attraction Marketing Tips for Network Marketers

Launch a business, and the rest falls into place, right? But you have probably figured out by now that that’s not the case. And, many entrepreneurs can start to feel like they’re spinning in circles – often. But we know that when we launch, we’re excited. That is one of the primary keys we want […]

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

There’s no recipe for success in entrepreneurship, but tips from someone successful can make the journey smoother and less lonely. Being an entrepreneur can be an incredible experience, sure. However, it also comes at a price only some are willing to pay. And so, why not create a list of things we wish we knew? […]

Attraction Marketing Strategies for Facebook

You have probably found your way here because you are curious about or are looking for tips for attraction marketing. And, in both cases — you are in the right place. Specifically for those who are looking to use Facebook for your business. You might be familiar with the term ‘the hunted, instead of the […]

Create Your 2019 Content Strategy and Calendar With Ease

Heading into the New Year, let’s look at your 2019 Content Strategy and Calendar. Because, nothing can feel worse than scrambling at the last minute to come up with a social media post idea. The ones where you are not feeling inspired, right? But then you quickly write something just to get it up there […]

Nurturing Great Leadership Skills in Network Marketing

Network marketing. The name itself can elicit a variety of different emotions for people, right? Depending who you speak to or mention those 2 words to the responses are typically the same. They either had a great experience or know someone who did or, the exact opposite. So we believe a lot of this misconception […]

Curiosity Piquing or Attention Seeking on Social Media

The longer you have someone’s attention, the more likely you are to build trust. After all, that’s the goal, right? So how do you gain someone’s attention (and keep it) while not seeking it so to speak. Truth is, there are a lot of people ‘teaching’ how to create curiosity about your business – we get […]

Grow Your Network Marketing Business by Being Vulnerable

When it comes to network marketing, connection is key. When people are being authentic and vulnerable, others feel a connection to them. Being vulnerable in your communication means you are not only becoming more comfortable with your own character, but you are willing to let people see your ups and downs. Keep in mind, being […]