As more entrepreneurs shift from paid advertising to content marketing, storytelling is taking centre stage. Of course, sharing stories is nothing new, right? It’s how information is passed from generation to generation.

The difference now however, is that it’s recognized as one of the most influential means of marketing.

In this post, we are going to share with you our top tips for storytelling and your business. First and foremost however, keep your stories personable and authentic.

Creating a narrative where you are the storyteller is key — in all areas of business including, network marketing.

Storytelling Tips for your Business

Great storytelling takes advantage of the fact that humans are social creatures with a need to relate to one another. It allows you to make personal connections with your audience and in turn, increase customer retention.

Write your Headlines with Care

Titles, headlines and taglines are an effective storytelling strategy. If you saw your title in your Facebook stream, would you find it intriguing? Avoid clickbait headlines at all costs. They won’t work, especially if your content doesn’t deliver.

Make sure your titles are click-worthy and your content matches it. That’s the secret sauce to storytelling success for your business.

Always, be Authentic

Authentic storytelling is key to gaining customer/client trust. Don’t try to fool your audience with wild and non-relatable stories. Customers know when you try to pull a fast one, and frankly, they don’t appreciate it.

Your story doesn’t need to be elaborate. A genuine narrative is more likely to connect with your audience than one without a piece of authenticity in it. Transparency in your storytelling, celebrates your uniqueness and acknowledges that you are human, too.

Have a Clear Goal in Mind

A great story leaves your audience with something.

For example, what lesson was learned in the story and what should consumers learn from hearing it? Or, what would you like them to do next?

Business stories should have a clear outcome. Provide an inspirational, thought-provoking message with action points that encourages your audience to connect with you and what you have to offer.

Demonstrate Consistency in your Voice

Your online presence should be closely tied to who you are offline. If customers love you for your sense of humor, make sure this comes across in your blog and social media posts. Have a favorite phrase or saying? Incorporate it into your content will help bring it to life.

Lastly, are you currently using storytelling as part of your content marketing strategy? Let us know and we would love your thoughts!

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