Welcome to Part 2 of your elevator pitch! (here is Part 1 in case you missed it or want a quick refresh). Today we’re going to share steps to writing your 30 second elevator pitch. And how to do so effectively. We have used this process for years with immense success for a couple reasons …

  1. It’s relatable
  2. It’s not salesy, spammy or contain any need for showboating (aka look at me!)

Your elevator pitch SHOULD connect with your audience. They, should be able to listen to you for those brief 30 seconds and think ‘wow — I like this person and can totally relate to their journey, it’s time for me to make a change too‘. Given, this can take some practice and it won’t hit the mark with everyone but it will hit with the right people.

The 3 steps to writing your 30 second elevator pitch requires you to do 3 things right now …

  1. Grab a pen
  2. Get a hold of some paper (or a notebook)
  3. Bring your confidence

Let’s get started.

First and foremost thanks for watching the video and we hope you found it valuable!

We would like to give you a short breakdown of writing your pitch so that you can save it, store it, bookmark it, share it — and so on!

Remember: your pitch should be brief. We recommend using 30 seconds in total — start to finish. And, when you follow the formula we showed you — this is TOTALLY doable. Consider this: when writing your 30 second elevator pitch, craft each of the 3 sections into 10 second intervals.

That way, you’ll stick to your 30 seconds where we believe is the sweet spot in delivering this pitch.

Writing your 30 Second Elevator Pitch

Step One: Share a brief piece of your background. For example, Sarah was a nanny and Tony, worked on his family taco truck. Think about what you career is/was and, where you started from. Chances are your story in some way is similar to ours, right? This is what your prospect and audience wants to know that you were ‘just’ like them at one time or another too.

Step Two: This is where you introduce the pivot or pain point. Again as an example, Sarah was tired of living someone else’s life and Tony, was lost — no direction in where he was going or even where he wanted to go. Take a moment to jot down why you feel this need to change — a chance to take control and direction of your life. The need, for MORE.

Step Three: In this last of the steps to writing your 30 second elevator pitch, you want to briefly cover how your life has changed. For us, we both found online businesses in social retail, that have allowed us to work with people around the world, travel all sorts of places, live life on our terms and achieve the best parts of ourselves.

We hope this was super helpful for you and if you have ANY questions for us about this topic or others definitely connect with us!


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writing your 30 second elevator pitch
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