Spark your influence, what does this mean anyway? Well, influence is gained from a persons ability to to inspire others around them. Despite what others may have you believe, it’s not done through coercion or ill intention (that’s called manipulation).

And, we’re often left wondering how to create influence, right? Is there some magic course or mentorship program that can make me have influence? No of course not but, mentors can help foster the growth in you to spark your influence.

We believe there are a plethora of traits tied to influence and so in this post, we want to touch on 9 of them. They are great places to start and paired with support and guidance … you will be WELL on your way. And, before we dive in if you were curious if we could help you at all … be sure to schedule a call with us HERE.

9 Traits to Help you Spark your Influence

Deliberate Action

Influence doesn’t happen because of magic; it comes through deliberate and intentional actions and behaviors. Influential people move through life with purpose, aware of their actions and of how others may view them.

They focus on ways to create the impact they wish to have and achieve the goals and dreams they are aiming for. They show appreciation for hard work and provide feedback that’s constructive.

Great Listeners and Super Thoughtful

Influential people mean what they say. They don’t participate in gossip or attacks on other people. They seek to rise above the petty vibes. To spark your influence, you must create clear messages and make sure you are effectively communicating your thoughts and ideas.

Just as important, influential people know when to quiet their inner voice and put the focus on those around them. Hearing your audience and delivering on their needs is so important.

Action Taker

Those with influence, aren’t afraid of taking risks or making decisions. They don’t allow themselves to become stuck in analysis paralysis of an unforeseen situation. They take action, move forward and find a way around roadblocks. Solution driven. They think before they speak, but they don’t hesitate to jump in when necessary.

They use productive daily routines that help them stay focused on accomplishing their goals. Always moving forward — it’s a non-negotiable.

Forever Students

People with influence, are constantly learning and growing. They understand the importance of cultivating a mindset that is open to new ideas. They consider themselves students of and for life, continually upgrading their skillset and challenging themselves to expand their knowledge. And, this is almost always done for two reasons;

  1. Love of learning
  2. To better serve their audience(s)

Cultivating and Nurturing Connections

Those with influence or, seeking to gain influence work hard on creating genuine relationships. Because, it has a way of melting people’s defences and making them open to new ideas. This is why influential people work to relate to others in a deep and meaningful way. They act as a bridge to bring people together and help others feel connected to one another. Community is everything.

Next Level Focus

Leaders and influential people alike, don’t allow themselves to become wrapped up in trivial matters or unnecessary competitions. They aren’t trying to win every argument or direct every conversation. They’re looking to truly understand others and help others feel part of something larger than themselves. They’re focused on the things that really matter like on long-term goals and achievements.

Expectations are High

If you are seeking to spark your influence get passionate and engaging. See, those with influence compel others to believe in them and they set high expectations for themselves and others.

They have relentless enthusiasm that drives those around them to accomplish amazing things and to stretch themselves outside of their familiar comfort zones. They encourage others to rise to the challenge and confront the perceived obstacles. Influencers and leaders understand that failure is possible, but in the same breath, they recognize that success won’t happen if they don’t try.

Magnified Strengths

Magnifiy your strengths and table your weaknesses. Additionally, people with influence recognize and learn to rely on their strengths, but just as important, they recognize the areas they are weakest in. By being aware of your vulnerabilities, you can take steps to manage or counter them. 

Your strengths can propel you to incredible heights and help you leverage influence over others. But your weaknesses can hold you back from achieving all the things you dream of. You can’t fully appreciate all the things that make you – you, and you can’t truly leverage your influence, until you recognize both your strengths and your weaknesses.

Inspiration for Others

Influencers see possibilities and opportunities that others often miss. They inspire others because we in a lot of ways, want to be like them. They raise us up and make us want to do the right thing, to be the best that we can be, to keep pushing boundaries. And, they give us hope.

To spark your influence, you must push yourself and others to do what seems impossible. You must take on the hard task that seems overwhelming, but that will be fulfilling and important if you can accomplish it. As a leader you can spark change in those around you. Make the impossible, possible.


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Spark your Influence!

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