By now, you know that content matters. You need to be committed in delivering valuable and authentic content consistently to your audience. So, what we have found is that there is some dynamite content out there not getting the love it deserves. Why? Well simply because it’s not being seen! In this post, we will share with you 3 proven social media tips to attract the right attention. And, the attention you deserve!

Let’s clear something up: content rules all. However, it doesn’t stop there. A huge part of the content process (when on social media) is engaging with others too. This is assuming you are using your personal profile for this content – not a business page (that’s a whole other topic!). The bottom line is if you want people to engage you too need to be engaging.

Additionally, some content may also be ideal for Facebook or LinkedIn groups you are apart of. Delivering some great content, consistently, on those mediums is also a dynamite way to attract the right attention as well.

What is the Right Attention?

What we qualify to be the right attention is the attention of your ideal prospects and/or customers. These are the people in your audience who fit nicely into your customer avatar. As we have discussed in previous posts; once you unlock who your customer avatar is – these are the people you are writing to, sharing images and videos with, etc.

Sure, it’s great to hear from family and friends who may not fit into your avatar the same way – and this is why staying authentic to who you are should always be the foundation.

Another great attribute of the right attention for your business is creating content that your audience will share for you. This helps take a lot of the leg work out of the equation for you – especially in terms of organic content.

Keep this in mind when you are in creation mode – ask yourself; ‘would I share something like this?’. Simple tweaks to existing content can also enhance the YES to the former question.

3 Proven Social Media Tips to Attract the Right Attention

The following are tips that we have used over and over again. And, teach others in our organizations to do as well. So as far as the proven model, it has served us well. The goal however is always identifying what the right attention is for you and making the adjustments you need to, to attain that.

Before anything though, please create your customer avatar. This, in our opinion can make or break the content you are putting out there. And when your time is of the essence, this isn’t something we take lightly.

Create your own Images

Stock photos come in handy – and are beneficial depending on the topic you are discussing. However, using your own images and/or creating your own even are far more beneficial. It gives a unique, stand-out kind of vibe to them. Also, know that with free (or paid) services like Canva you can use their tools to enhance your own images too.

Maybe it’s a text overlay look you are after. Or, perhaps you would like to add your website or infamous hashtag to the corners. Whatever the case is, creating your own images will not only attract more eyeballs but will enhance the likelihood of your content being shared.

Take a quick scroll through your camera roll, what cool images can you freshen up with a platform like Canva? Let us know how that goes for you!

User-Generated Content Wins all the Time

The moment you start to incorporate user-generated content into your strategies, the game changes. Now only does this help you attract the right attention but also has your audience feeling heard. Think about it, someone who fits into customer avatar perfectly asks a question. What are the chances that others who also fit that profile would want to know something similar? Pretty high, right?

Grab that question and create a solid social media post about it and its answer. Over deliver here, let your personality shine through and get that question answered.

Stay Current, Be Relevant

There is no secret that hopping on a trending topic can help you generate more eyeballs on your content. However, you still want to ensure that you are going against the grain in some way otherwise, you will just blend in. Additionally, remember the goal is attracting the right attention – so stay on topic or ‘in your lane’. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it holds any bearing on your business.

The last piece we want to mention in this tip is avoid using auto-generated poster software. Take the few moments in the day and post the content organically. Many times, especially on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, they don’t love the auto-software. As a result, the algorithm won’t love on you either.

Be real, be relevant, and be relatable.

Your prospects will love you for it and it is what creates strong brand loyalty, long lasting relationships and drive your business sales volumes upwards and onwards.

Let us know if these tips were helpful for you and which ones can we add to our top list?


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Choose to Shine,

right attention to your business

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