You have the power to design your life. However, it will take some work. It is also going to require some mindfulness and belief. And so although we will forever tell you that network marketing or entrepreneurship in general is the best way to design your life, it starts with your mind. And the care of your mind, starts with self-love.

What we need you to understand is that through self-love this transformation can occur that takes you from stuck to being free. Guess what? It is going to be scary – but worth it.

Powerless vs. Powerful Mindset

The powerless mindset is the, ‘I’m stuck here, even if don’t like it’ mindset. Have you ever met someone who hated their job? Imagine you run into this guy at Starbucks. He tells you he hates getting up every day. But he does it anyway because it pays the bills. He might say something along the lines of, ‘work is called work for a reason, right? I live for the weekends.’

Stuck, defeated, passive, unconscious, scared = powerless.

The powerful mindset is the, ‘I’m not exactly where I want to be, yet,’ mindset. When you run into this guy at Starbucks, he tells you he doesn’t like his current position. But, ‘I’m looking into new things, and I’ve got a side gig I’m pretty excited about. My plan is to go to lunch with someone new every week to research different opportunities in the area. In the meantime, I’m living life as best as I can every day. We’ll see what happens!’

Free, open, excited, aware, curious = powerful.

The same situation.

Two completely different approaches.

How many of you would love to be partnered with the guy in scenario 2? He’s out there.

Almost anyone can shift into a powerful mindset. The lived experience of a powerful mindset has four elements;

  1. awareness of the current situation
  2. belief that there exists a better way
  3. belief in the ability to gather the tools and resources necessary to create a new reality
  4. self-love

Evaluate your own Scenario

So, we want to share with you 5 things you can do to enhance your scenario. But, before we jump into those 5 things know this …

Life is full of ups and down.

Health can transfer into disease.

Successes can be turned into breakdowns.

Love can be transformed into distance.

But, no matter what happens on the outside, we should still have a solid foundation built on self-love.

Self-love isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity in today’s society.

Have compassion with yourself when you fall short (because you will – it’s part of the journey) Then simply dust yourself off and get back at it again. What we want you to realize is that by caring for yourself, you care for this world. Your actions have a ripple effect on others. And that is what being a small or home-based business owner is all about.

5 Ways to Create more Self-Love in your Life

Remember, when we are our best selves we attract that same energy or vibe into our lives. And, when you are in the business of relationship marketing regardless of what that looks like – loving yourself matters.

Each of the suggestions below are ones you can start implementing in your life as early as today. What is important for us is that the topics we share here are ones you can act upon. Too many people get carried away with high level content when it is in the grass roots that everything begins.

It’s in the trenches where leaders are born.

It begins where the seed is planted.

And, one of our primary goals has always been breathing life into others, what’s one of your primary goals?

Change your Vocabulary

Your words are an expression of your thoughts. Listen to the words and phrases that you use often. ‘I’m too busy,’ or, ‘There isn’t enough time in the day,’ or, ‘There’s no way!’  are phrases that can give you clues into how, why, and where you feel powerless in your business and/or life.

When you start to change what you talk to yourself, you can change how you see yourself and your ability to create a future by design. Pay attention to times you find those negative phrases surface the most and adjust. One of the biggest keys to self-love is how we speak to the most important person in our lives, ourselves.

Journal and/or Vision Board(ing)

Writing down your thoughts and dreams helps you clarify them. Additionally is makes them more likely to come true. Re-reading your journals can also help with confidence because you can look back at a dream or goal you had awhile ago, that you didn’t quite know how you would accomplish at the time. It will amaze you to see how many of your dreams you are actually able to manifest.

If words aren’t your thing, consider a vision board. These are among one of our favorites to do. Be it with our family or with our team. And they have come such a long way. Be it words or magazine clippings there really is no right or wrong. There is only, doing. Your self-care routine will thank you.

Hire a Coach

A coach is someone trained to help you help yourself. A coach isn’t there to tell you what to do. They are there to help you fully realize your unique strengths and challenge you in areas you may or may not yet be aware of. Over the years we have hired a variety of different coaches; business, social media, group coaching programs, etc.

In our opinion, it is super important to hire a coach who has walked the walk you are after. If you want to hire someone to help you in network marketing, hire a coach who’s been there (successfully). Want a coach to help you stay accountable, bounce ideas off of, pump you up here n’ there but be straight with you when you need it most? Hire someone who’s been there.

If you do need or want some coaching, we would love to chat and see if we’re a fit. Availability may or may not be available (depending on when you come across this post), but we are always happy to have a chat!


Meditation is the single most effective way to become aware of the crazy thought machine called your mind/brain. You simply cannot solve a problem you don’t know about. You cannot shift a mindset you aren’t aware of. Meditating creates space between you and your thoughts, and helps you develop your instincts so you begin to trust yourself on a deeper-than-thought level.

This can help you gain perspective, embrace new ideas and frankly, get out of your own way.

Seek Inspiration

Surround yourself with people doing cool things. Find opportunities to connect with people from a broad range of industries, and different backgrounds. Inspiration and motivation are key traits of healthy self-care. Surrounding yourself with others on similar journeys can alleviate the pressure or feelings of being alone. Circle back to the things you love the most and get that back into that daily routine.

You deserve it.

Final Thoughts on Self-Care

Adversity is a great classroom that will develop powerful mind within you. Everybody wants to get to the top however, challenges, testings, trials and tribulations are the things that will empower you to get to the top.

Challenges are what unleash the power inside of you.

The powerful mindset does not accept defeat. In fact, it uses every adversity as a catalyst to victory. The storms of life are developing you and you’re an overcomer that cannot be shaken. Do you believe that?

Pressure is simply an opportunity to unleash the power of your mind. This pressure is the opportunity to new possibilities and new realities. You will be able to handle all of them with a sold routine of self-love or self-care (or both) in your life – we mean that.


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Choose to Shine,


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