Let’s take care of the elephant in the room before we go too far. In the network marketing industry, it is the best profession to go from rags, to riches. It is an industry designed for that very story. However, what happens when you don’t have this rock bottom struggle? What if you are what people would call, pretty average?

Does Someone have to hit Rock Bottom to Inspire Others?

Absolutely not. [Sarah here] I didn’t. I came from what most would call your everyday family home. Had everything I wanted or needed growing up, and into young adulthood. I followed what you might call the traditional route. Finish school, have a great friends, an amazing family, and so on. Rock bottom wasn’t a thing for me in those days.

And, Id’ like to believe that I have inspired many people across my own professional career.

But, my story doesn’t sell, so well — at least that would be the presumption. Whereas we sell these tougher stories, the ones that hit you in the gut – Tony’s story for example with his battle in addictions.

Now, this isn’t to say one persons struggle is worse than the next, and vis versa. But what we want people to know is that network marketing isn’t solely a story of rags to riches, or rock bottom to triumph situation. Instead, it is a collection of stories about what’s possible.

Who Decides what a Struggle is, and what isn’t?

Think back to a time where you believed you were going through your toughest life challenge.


And, we are not just speaking of ones that challenged your brain — we’re talking about a moment in time that you felt absolutely drained and defeated. You felt emotionally, physically, and spiritually spent. Guess what? Everyone has a moment like that at some point in time and you are not alone.

And so, this struggle, these depths of exhaustion are where successful people are born. You don’t have to live in a car or on the street, have less than 2 pennies a day to rub together or come from horrible circumstances. What you need is to dig down deep for are those moments that taught you something.

Somewhere in the most challenging time of your life (identified by you), you pulled your way out. In that heartbreak, loss, failed business, etc. you were taught a lesson where there isn’t a price tag.


  1. No one would want to pay that price you paid and,
  2. What you learned or gained in that moment, is priceless.

The key is actually taking the time to recognize that there is a lesson to be learned.

Here are the facts: you will not find a single success story, one that you can be inspired by and respect, that doesn’t include life-changing adversity. Regardless of how it presents itself.

Still, when you’re in the thick of it, it’s not easy to see the lessons through the reminders of your pain.

So, here are 4 steps that will hopefully help you keep moving forward the next time you find yourself hitting what seems to be rock bottom.

You are far Stronger than you Think

Strength, resilience, perseverance all qualities that will help you rise to new occasions. There are skills and/or attributes that will help you overcome any obstacle in your way including, rock bottom. Much of this falls around the ability to adapt and adjust. When faced with absolute tragedy, struggle or what feels like the end of the road, take a moment and yes, it will be hard but ask yourself this …

What is this here to teach me?

To some degree, this is a great way of facing the pain head on in instances you would feel like avoidance would be the answer. We promise you, it’s not. And what’s funny is, in one way we’re asking you to take comfort in the fact that others are struggling too … right? But please know that knowing you are not alone supersedes that notion.

Quit Judging yourself so Harshly

Think back to a time when someone close to you, hurt you unintentionally. Maybe it was one of your team members, or a close friend. Chances are you didn’t go beating them (figuratively) up after this instance right? You have even gone as far as asking them what they learned from this, or how it can be avoided next time.

You are the closest thing to yourself! And yet, for some reason we’re OK with beating ourselves up. Our ask is this, recognize that you are going to make mistakes it is all part of being human. However, you are going to choose not to dwell or live inside those mistakes — you are going to treat yourself the way you would treat someone else who hurt you.

Celebrate the Wins!

Additionally, celebrate every win! Big, small, and all things in between. In our Facebook Community, we would love to celebrate you.

Give yourself credit for being where you are today and where you will be tomorrow. All too often people are caught up in this circle of negativity — step out of that and into a much happier place!

And last, and certainly not least …

Let it Go

Now, this one is important. When we use the term let it go, we are not asking you to forget the struggle. What we are suggesting is that you let go of the ideology that you can change what happened. Because, guess what? You can’t. However what you can do is be reminded of that dark place, and find strength is knowing you never want to go back there. You can take the lessons you’ve learned (and are learning) and apply them to the actions you take today.

Overall, we hope these few things will help get you through the tougher times. Because, in this industry there will be tough times but your story deserves to be heard, shared and built upon.


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